Russian firm Kalashnikov displays a new weapon, the CV-1 ‘electric supercar’

Russian firm Kalashnikov displays a new weapon, the CV-1 ‘electric supercar’

Russia just fired at the US, though this time it isn’t with a war of words or any political agenda, but rather a dig at Tesla. Russian arms maker Kalashnikov has started thinking beyond automatic weapons and has tried their hand at automotive electric wizardry. The AK-47 maker certainly wants to explore and test new waters for which they have presented their new prototype, the CV-1 ‘electric supercar’, at a defence expo in Moscow.

The design of the CV-1 is inspired by a rare 5-door Soviet hatchback called the ‘Izh-Kombi’ from the 1970s. The company says that the new technology in the CV-1 will take on Tesla. The vehicle was presented in a faint-blue paint job and appears like a mean boxy retro estate fitted with modern components like LED headlamps. The car will feature a 90Kw battery and will have a range of 350km on a single charge. More surprises as it will reportedly accelerate from 0-100kmph in just six seconds.

A Kalashnikov spokesperson told the RT media, “This technology will let us stand in the ranks of global electric car producers such as Tesla and be their competitor. We were inspired by the experience of global market leaders in developing our concept.”

While the Teslas are known for their techno-wizardry and futuristic designs, Kalashnikov’s world-famous product, the AK-47 rifle is known for its ruggedness, durability and destroy-the-enemy approach on the battlefield. And that’s why it’s the world’s longest serving weapon and also the most preferred one for militaries around the globe. So is the Russian firm looking at incorporating similar qualities in their first automotive product? That’s yet to be known.

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