SAVWIPL has been actively participating in the fight against coronavirus
SAVWIPL has been actively participating in the fight against coronavirus

Skoda-Volkswagen build protective medical equipment to fight coronavirus

Skoda-Volkswagen takes big steps to support frontline medical workers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by producing protective medical equipment

The automotive fraternity has been actively participating in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and most carmakers have contributed in multiple ways to contain the deadly outbreak. Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL) has already contributed in many ways so far, and this time, the brand is taking another step by producing protective equipment for surgeons and healthcare staff.

Using expertise of experienced healthcare workers, SAVWIPL, under its #WeNotMe campaign, has built four types of critical care equipment that includes intubation boxes, protective face shields, automated ambu bags, and filtered masks for frontline healthcare workers.

Intubation boxes: SAVWIPL is building intubation boxes that are used in surgical procedures. Intubation boxes protect healthcare employees treating coronavirus patients with a cubical plastic barrier, consequently reducing the risk of doctors and nurses catching the virus.

Filtered masks: Using 3D printing technology, SAVWIPL engineers are re-engineering snorkeling masks provided by Decathlon Pune, to provide an air inlet inside the mask thus protecting healthcare workers. Filtered masks have been designed especially for surgeons.

Protective face shields: SAVWIPL is producing reusable face shields at both their facilities in Chakan and Aurangabad for healthcare providers treating COVID19 patients. The company has already supplied 9000 units across hospitals in Pune, Aurangabad and Latur.

Automated ambu bag: SAVWIPL engineers have built a prototype of an automatic ambu bag that has been tested to work round the clock and monitored for consistent performance by healthcare experts. Ambu bags work as artificial respirators and are used for ventilating and oxygenating intubated patients.

This is another feather in the hat for SAVWIPL, who has already donated Rs 1 crore to Sassoon General Hospital in Pune. The group has also partnered with an NGO to distribute 50,000 food packets to those in need in Aurangabad and is in process to deliver 35,000 hand sanitizers to hospitals across Mumbai, Pune and Aurangabad. And lastly, the group is also considering importing medical equipment from Volkswagen AG and parent company Skoda Auto.

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