Suzuki Motorcycle resumes production in India
Suzuki Motorcycle India resumes its production facility in Kherki Dhaula, Gurugram. Suzuki

Suzuki Motorcycle resumes production in India

Adhering to safety guidelines directed by the government automotive manufacturers resume operations nationwide, Suzuki Motorcycle is the latest to do so

To ensure maximum safety for the staff and everyone around the automobile production facilities government has directed certain principles that need to be followed strictly. With automotive manufacturers adhering to these rules start their operations nationwide and Suzuki Motorcycle India steps-in to join the venture by resuming its production facility in Kherki Dhaula, Gurugram. The company has resumed operations only after receiving permission from the local authorities and is following the stringent guidelines issued by them.

Detailed survey over the situation of Covid-19 in India Suzuki drafted a list of the safety guidelines to be followed at its production facilities that include key safety factors like social distancing, use of protective gear and time-to-time sanitization of the objects as well as the premises. The company also states to avoid the movement of people in large groups. It has also installed a disinfectant chamber in the premises and insists the people pass through it every day in order to prevent any pertaining infection and maintain a safe work sphere.

Speaking about resuming operations and adhering the safety protocols Mr Koichiro Hirao, Managing Director, Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. said, “As Suzuki Motorcycle India restarts its plant operation, our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees since we continue to fight the battle against Covid-19. At the onset, SMIPL will resume operation with a limited workforce and will gradually shift to full production cycle as per the Government’s directive. We have implemented detailed operating guidelines with an emphasis on social distancing to ensure maximum precautions are taken by all our employees. In order to overcome the challenges faced due to the ongoing situation, we also believe that it is necessary that we all stay together in high spirits by continuing to motivate each other”

Suzuki Motorcycle India also abrogated its plant operations from March 2020 following the nationwide lockdown and now under the government’s safety guidelines resumes its operations.

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