The Tata Avinya Concept has a very futuristic design
The Tata Avinya Concept has a very futuristic designTata Motors

Tata Avinya Concept unveiled: This is what Tata’s next-generation EVs may look like

The Tata Avinya Concept is underpinned a new generation of Tata’s electric car platform and looks extremely futuristic

Tata Motors has revealed the first concept based on its brand new third-generation Pure EV architecture. The concept car, named the Tata Avinya, showcases the future of Tata design, both in terms of the exterior and the interior, with a new focus on lifestyle. This new platform has been designed to be flexible and it will underpin a range of future Tata EV products. But let’s take a look at the Tata Avinya first.

22-inch alloys wheels on the Tata Avinya concept
22-inch alloys wheels on the Tata Avinya conceptTata Motors

Tata Avinya Concept design

The word ‘Avinya’ in Sanskrit stands for innovation and Tata Motors certainly haven’t held back on that when it comes to the design of the Avinya Concept. The Avinya is a prime example of a carmaker utilising the efficiencies of an electric powertrain, leading to a very futuristic design. There is also a new DRL signature upfront which is reminiscent of that on the Tata Concept Curvv that was showcased recently. The length of the Avinya is 4.3 metres and it also gets 22-inch alloy wheels. According to Tata, the concept is a blend of utilities between a hatchback, an MPV and a crossover SUV, and the design might also remind you of that on a shooting brake. With a swooping front windscreen and A-pillar coupled with the greenhouse that also extends almost to the bonnet, it looks more like a one-box hatchback, something that is now possible with the rise of electric cars. Even the wheels are placed at the absolute corners of the car, maximising the space inside.

Butterfly doors anyone?
Butterfly doors anyone?Tata Motors

Tata Avinya Concept interior

Tata is very insistent on the idea that electric cars will focus on lifestyle and to this end, there are some very novel ideas on this concept that could make it to production. The interior has a very minimalist and open-air design, maximising the space as well as the feeling of space. The party trick has to be the butterfly doors which should make for very easy ingress and egress, coupled with the swivelling seats. The concept also features digital screens for the rear view cameras, instead of traditional ORVMs, and the dashboard includes a sound bar with voice activation technology.

The interiors are largely devoid of screens, focussing on Tata Motors emphasis towards lifestyle
The interiors are largely devoid of screens, focussing on Tata Motors emphasis towards lifestyleTata Motors

The aim for the interior was to be a screen-less space and hence there is no massive infotainment but only a navigation display mounted right in the middle of the steering wheel. You also get individual sound systems on every seat headrest. The focus on lifestyle extends with interesting features such as the aroma diffuser inside the centre console, which essentially acts like a scented candle to enhance the livability of the interior. Tata Motors also claims that the interior will be finished with sustainable materials.

Tata Avinya Concept platform

This new platform architecture, dubbed the Pure EV Generation 3, has been designed to be flexible for a range of body styles and use cases. It will go on to underpin a range of new Tata EVs and Tata Motors claims that the architecture will be a better match for their future products, allowing the carmaker to take full advantage of the possibilities that electric powertrains represent. Tata Motors haven’t revealed the specifics of the powertrain at the time of the story being published, but what they have promised is a minimum range of 500km and that this platform can be configured to use front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel-drive! The battery used in the Avinya Concept will also be a beefed-up unit as compared to the existing electric products on sale and it will support ultra-fast charging, allowing you to pump up 500km worth of range in less than 30 minutes.

The Avinya Concept is expected to be production ready by 202
The Avinya Concept is expected to be production ready by 202Tata Motors

Tata Motors expects to introduce the Avinya Concept into production by 2025 and it really seems like an ambitious project for the Indian manufacturer. But given the track record of Indian manufacturers of late along with the made in India engineering prowess, you cannot help but be excited at the prospect of going the electric car route.

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