The new Tata Tigor EV teased alongside the Nexon EV in a video
The new Tata Tigor EV teased alongside the Nexon EV in a videoTata Motors

Tata Motors teases the new Tata Tigor EV

Tata Motors on their social media has teased the new Tata Tigor EV with Ziptron EV technology

Adding on to the company’s electric cars portfolio, Tata Motors has teased its latest electric vehicle Tigor EV. The new Tata Tigor EV is based on Ziptron EV architecture, the same electric technology by Tata Motors as on the Nexon EV. With the new technology, we can expect the Tigor to have better performance and range, along with updated styling.

Ziptron is the electric vehicle powertrain technology by Tata Motors which underpins the Nexon EV, and will be featured on the upcoming Tigor EV as well. The architecture includes a lithium-ion IP67 battery pack and magnet AC motor. In the Nexon EV, the drivetrain comes with a warranty of eight years on the battery.

Tata Motors shared a teaser video on social media showing the Nexon EV being chased by the new Tigor EV which is still under the wraps, on the Kolli Hills. In the teaser, it can be seen that the Tigor EV gets a redesigned front bumper with integrated LED DRLs similar to the new ICE model of Tigor. A redesigned rear bumper could also be expected. Additionally, going by the styling cues on the Nexon EV, we can expect the Tigor EV to get blue accenting to differentiate it from the ICE counterpart.

The Tigor EV isn’t new. It has actually been on sale for a while now, under another name: the Xpres-T EV. The reason you haven’t heard of it before is because it was only available as a fleet car, and wasn’t being sold in the open market. It has a 21.5kWh battery and produces only 40bhp and 105Nm of torque. The Xpres-T EV had a range of 214km on a full charge. This car was first launched in 2019.

In the years since, Tata Motors has been working on its EV tech and launched the Nexon EV in 2020. The Nexon EV gets a battery pack of 30.2kWh. It produces 127bhp and 245Nm of torque, with a range of approximately 312km. There’s no confirmation on what the upcoming Tigor EV will feature. It is possible that it will get a bigger battery, or it may even get a battery of the same size that is optimised better. What we can be certain of is that it will get more range than the Xpres-T, along with more performance as well.

The updated FAME II subsidies and EV policies have reduced the prices and waivered off road tax and registration costs with more benefits on the current EVs including the Nexon EV. The Tigor EV will surely be eligible for the subsidies as well and consumers will be able to benefit from the same.

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