Tata Power has an ambitious plan to hugely increase India's EV charging infrastructure
Tata Power has an ambitious plan to hugely increase India's EV charging infrastructureTata Power

Tata Power to build 25,000 new EV charging points as part of new plan

The Kashmir to Kanyakumari plan will install more than 25,000 charging points in the next five years with Tata Power’s network covering more than 450 cities

Tata Power is the most prevalent and visibly growing network of electric vehicle charging points in India. With the success of the Tata Nexon EV and other EV models from its group company Tata Motors, Tata Power has the confidence and knowledge to expand at a rapid pace and stay at the forefront of EV charging technology in the country. To further its cause, Tata Power has laid out an ambitious plan that will see an exponential increase in its charging network and hopefully help make range anxiety in EVs a non-issue.

Presently, Tata Power has a network of around 3,600 public and semi-public charging points around India, with around 23,500 that are used by private users. According to the K2K (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) plan, in the next five years the aim is to increase the number of public and semi-public charging points to more than 25,000 across more than 450 cities. The plan also includes 450 charging points across major National Highway routes as well as more than 250 bus chargers for electric buses. The plan covers homes, workplaces, fleet stations, public locations, and commercial junctions like e-bus charging depots.

Virendra Goyal, the Head of Business Development, EV Charging at Tata Power, said, "The demand for electric vehicles is steadily increasing in India therefore it is important to have a robust pan-India charging network. We are excited to present our products and technologies, which make Tata Power India's leading EV charging solutions provider.  We remain committed to playing a prominent role in helping Indian consumers consider sustainable mobility in the future."

The plan comes as part of the fulfilment of the Government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP), for which it has also set up a Network Operations Centre in Mumbai that will be the base for monitoring the entire EV charging network that Tata Power plans to set up. 

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