EV Plugs aggregates the charging stations,  verifies the details on the same and displays them to the customers
EV Plugs aggregates the charging stations, verifies the details on the same and displays them to the customersPixabay

The EV Plugs app lets you find EV charging stations in your city with ease!

EV Plugs comes as a smartphone app, and is web-based as well

With the increasing demand and popularity of electric vehicles in the country and around the world, multiple automobile companies have declared the timelines by which they plan on going fully electric. This trend calls for better charging infrastructure in the country with more popularised and accessible EV charging stations. EV Plugs an app that aggregates and displays verified listings of vehicle charging stations in the area, has recently been launched. EV Plugs is an independent app for smartphones and web platforms. The app aims at bringing the customers and EV stations (regardless of the company or the brand the charging station belongs to) closer by aggregating and verifying the information on charging stations and displaying details on the same to the customers.

The UI of the app is pretty simple and smooth, it displays the basic information one might need when seeking a charging station — the address, the type of plugs available and navigation. EV Plugs claims to have verified more than 1000 listings of charging stations and aims to update the same in real-time.

Manish Narang, Co-Founder, EV Plugs, said, “We expect the market to be flooded with EVs across categories (2-wheeler, 4-wheeler, 3-wheeler, and HMVs) and by default EV charging stations. However, it’s going to be multiple decades before we reach a situation similar to diesel and petrol where one can be assured of finding one station within a few KMs whichever part of India, except the remote regions. EV Plugs exactly addresses this feel and real need of EV owners effectively and we will keep updating the listings in real-time. In the future, we also plan to introduce the facility of EV owners being able to book slots at these stations through our platform and other related value-added services. Our aim is to emerge as the one-stop platform for multiple needs related to EVs for the millions of owners who would be owning one sooner or later.”

With the EV market gaining momentum in the country, there is a need for better accessibility of charging stations that have verified information on the same. With such platforms, the gap between the customers and the stations can surely be bridged.

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