Triumph Trident is coming to India!

Triumph’s iconic Trident badge is all set to make a comeback with the new 660cc, inline-triple powered retro-ish streetfighter
The 650cc class is about to get a whole lot more exciting!
The 650cc class is about to get a whole lot more exciting!2021 Triumph Trident

Back in the 60s, the motorcycling world was dominated by inline-fours and parallel-twins. However, one British bikemaker was already thinking ahead of its time, wanting to redefine the Thrill of Riding. Engineers at BSA (Triumph’s parents company back then) put their heads down and began work on what could be the first triple-powered sportbike ever. However, the prototype to production phase almost took seven years and Honda beat them to it with the launch of the brilliant CB750/4. But BSA was playing the long game. Despite some hasty decisions, the inline-triple powered Trident was launched at the end of 1968. It was faster than the Honda and handled with finesse. The torque-rich Trident made Triumph a global brand with more than 70 per cent Tridents being sold in America alone. In fact, ‘Slippery Sam’ — one of the Tridents — ended up winning IoM TT production class from 1971 to 1975! The Trident started a bloodline of triple-powered Triumphs which continues today with the new-gen Tiger 900, Tiger 1200, Street and Speed Triple and of course, the Rocket 3. Today, the 650cc class is again lead by the Japanese — Honda CB650R, Yamaha MT-07 and Kawasaki Z650 — which means, the time is ripe to revive the Trident badge and make a dent in the universe and that’s exactly what Triumph is intending to do. Behold the 2021 Trident people!

The design is classically Triumph, yet fresh!
The design is classically Triumph, yet fresh!2021 Triumph Trident

Just like the 60s, the Trident will be powered by a familiar triple-motor which we have come to love on the Street Triple S. We expect it to make power in the range of 90-95bhp. The Trident has been in the making for four years and will feature and all-new frame and design as well. The prototype that you’re seeing on here is very close to the production version and derives elements from both; the Bonneville range and the ‘Triple twins. The round headlamp for example pays homage to the classic Trident while the fuel tank with deep recesses seems to be inspired from the Speed Triple. The rear-end is very similar to the Daytona’s and we think it looks delicious and has an Italian flair to it — which is obvious as it has been designed by Rodolfo Frascoli (the Italian man who has also worked on the Tiger 900). The Trident looks extremely compact owing to the underbelly exhaust and the Street Triple RS-ish belly pan.

The details aren’t out yet but the frame is expected to be based on the ‘Triple S’ chassis as well. We expect the Triumph to weigh close to 170-175kg which would make it considerably lighter than the inline-four powered Japanese adversaries. In terms of the electronics, the Trident is expected to come with all the goodies that are seen on the Street Triple range — ABS, traction control and ride-by-wire that’ll also bring with a few riding modes to choose from.

Round headlamp harks back to classic models, but gets modern tech
Round headlamp harks back to classic models, but gets modern tech2021 Triumph Trident

However, the icing on the cake is the confirmation from Triumph about its India launch. The Trident will be launched globally by early 2021 and that includes India as well! It’ll be the most affordable Triumph, undercutting the Street Twin even which means the price will be in the range of Rs 6.5-7 lakh. Considering the launch of the first production motorcycle from the Bajaj-Triumph alliance is due in 2022, it’ll be a great platform to lure in more buyers to the Triumph family. Exciting times ahead for sure!

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