Ultimate evo India Virtual Grand Prix: Join our F1 eSports contest & stand a chance to win prizes!
F1 2020

Ultimate evo India Virtual Grand Prix: Join our F1 eSports contest & stand a chance to win prizes!

We have partnered up with UltimateE to bring you an F1 2020 game based eSports competition, with prizes for the winners and the audience

We are doing something we have never done before — we’re hosting an eSports race this weekend! The Ultimate evo India Virtual Grand Prix is hosted together with UltimateE, so you can channel your inner Lewis Hamilton and win prizes while doing so! If you have a PlayStation 4 and a copy of F1 2020, then you’re eligible to take part! But since racing is a spectator sport, we’ve also got prizes for the viewers that tune in to the steam!

What do I need?

You would need a PlayStation 4 with a copy of F1 2020 (now available on the PlayStation Store) and a working internet connection. Also a bit of skill if you plan to win, but that’s about it!

How do I register?

Click here and fill in the form with the required details to register.


There will be two 90 minute qualifier sessions each on Thursday, July 16 and Friday, July 17 to determine the finalists. The top 20 drivers over the course of Thursday and Friday will be selected to race in the Ultimate evo India Virtual Grand Prix. If there are sufficient entries, finalists will be split in to two Tiers. All participants must take screenshots of their times and send it on the official WhatsApp and Discord groups. The practice and qualifying sessions will be run at the Red Bull Ring while the race will take place at the Hungaroring, in line with the current F1 calendar.

There will be two races held (if there is more than one Tier, two races will be held per Tier) — Race 1 will be a five lap race while Race 2 will be 25 per cent of the full race distance. The starting grid for the first race will be decided by the qualifying times, the second race will run on the reverse grid for the top eight, the rest of the grid will start where they finish the first race.

F1 2020

What are the rules?

Click here to take a look at the full rules and regulations.


Overall Winner: A t-shirt from the evo India-100kmph merchandise line and a one year subscription to evo India magazine

Rookie trophy: One year subscription to evo India magazine

Women's trophy: One year subscription to evo India magazine

Pro's trophy: Subscription to evo India magazine (subject to a minimum grid of six drivers)

For the viewers

We’ll be hosting a live quiz during the stream of the Ultimate evo India Virtual Grand Prix, and we will be asking you enthusiasts questions related to Formula 1. Three participants who get the most correct answers, will get free copies of the current issue of evo India magazine.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve always thought you were the next Lewis Hamilton, here’s your chance to prove it! You won’t be winning any Formula 1 World Championships just yet, but Lewis isn’t getting any evo India merchandise, so that makes it even, right? Fine tune your hotlaps, sharpen your race craft and get ready for the Ultimate Evo India Virtual Grand Prix.

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