The Vazirani Shul was first revealed in 2018.
The Vazirani Shul was first revealed in 2018. Vazirani Shul

Vazirani Automotive opens new design studio for Electric Vehicles

As the world constantly prepares itself for the electric future, Vazirani Automotive is going the extra mile to help the EV space.

Vazirani Automotive has announced that they are opening a new design studio- Vazirani Design. Vazirani Design will spearhead the design development of electric vehicles in the Indian as well as the global market. The design studio is set to have two verticals –design and engineering, each of which will offer complete end-to-end solutions right from conceptualisation of an idea to the development of EVs.

Vazirani Automotive made headlines when they announced the 1000bhp+ Vazirani Shul back in 2018. The Vazirani Shul will be powered by 4 electric motors and comes with a lightweight battery pack. With the design studio, Vazirani claims to provide services from a digital concept development to a complete concept car build, similar to what we have seen already with the Vazirani Shul hypercar concept. On the engineering front, the Indian EV design house will provide inputs from battery pack design and manufacturing to EV and hybrid powertrain integration solutions. The design house also claims to be working with an OEM to help it understand the design preferences for the Indian market. Apart from working on development of EVs, Vazirani also claims that it will be soon making a lot of progress in the aerial electric vehicle industry as well.

The announcement of this Design Studio means that Vazirani is doing everything in its capacity to make sure there is steady growth in the EV space and in fact, they believe that Vazirani will also make the transition from petrol powered vehicles to electric cars more fun. Going by everything that Vazirani has done so far with the Shul and seeing how they’re helping the whole EV space, one can only be optimistic about the future of EVs in India.

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