The winner of the VW VRC will get a chance to race this in 2021!
The winner of the VW VRC will get a chance to race this in 2021! Race Polo

Volkswagen Motorsport India introduces virtual racing championship

The championship will be open for all to enter, and the overall winner will get a sponsored drive in next year’s Polo Cup!

With Indian motorsport taking a back seat for now, Volkswagen Motorsport India has decided to bring back the action with the Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship. The e-racing championship will allow, for the first time ever, interested racers from all across the country to participate from the comfort of their home. A total of 26 racers will be picked from the selection process comparison of PC and PlayStation rounds.


The selection process will be held on Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation users, and on Assetto Corsa for PC users. The initial selection process is free for anyone to join, excluding the cost of the game. Volkswagen Motorsport India’s coaches will provide basic training via a webinar and will get a few hours of practice sessions to hone their skills.

The finalists for the Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship will be the 10 fastest racers, each from the PC and PlayStation rounds, as well as the top six from the Pro-Class of the Indian e-Racing Championship. These 26 drivers will get to compete for the ultimate prize of winning a sponsored drive for the 2021 Volkswagen Polo Championship

Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship


There will be a total of five rounds held, with two races, three practice sessions and one qualifying session, in each round. Qualifying will set the grid for the first race of each round, while the second race will run on a reverse grid of the top 12 finishers, with the others starting where they finished. The points system is identical to the one in Volkswagen’s real world one-make series, the Polo Cup.

The races will be governed by officials monitoring the live feed of the races, to ensure fair racing. This live feed will also enable Volkswagen Motorsport India’s coaches to help train each driver to get better.

Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said, “We are extremely excited to bring the thrilling experience of our flagship one-make Polo Cup series on a virtual platform through Volkswagen VRC. Keeping in mind the current scenario, we believe that the initiative will encourage young talents to showcase and hone their racing skills. This is a positive step for us as we aim to make motorsport racing accessible to all the aspiring racers and provide a platform to spot and nurture young talents into furthering their racing career.”

We’ll be speaking to Sirish Vissa on #evoConversations held live on our Instagram at 12PM on August 12, Be sure to tune in and shoot any doubts you may have about the Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship!

Volkswagen is one of the only OEMs in the country currently invested in four-wheeler motorsport, aside from Mahindra. Not only does Volskwagen have its one-make series ,with state-of-the-art race cars accessible to first timers and professionals alike, but they also support rally drivers that use Volkswagens, regardless of being private entries or not. It is great to see them extend the same dedication toward e-racing, a discipline which is getting more and more mainstream in the world of motorsport.

Registrations for the Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship are open now, click here to enter.

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