Connected car tech makes its way into affordable Volkswagen cars
Connected car tech makes its way into affordable Volkswagen carsShot by Abhishek Benny for evo India

Volkswagen Polo and Vento get connected car technology

My Volkswagen Connect is the German carmaker’s version of the increasingly popular connected car technology and it’s now available with the Polo GT TSI and the Vento Highline Plus

Most new cars are being equipped with connected car technology that lets owners remotely access a host of convenience and safety features. Hyundai has the Bluelink, Kia has the UVO Connect, MG has the iSmart technology and now Volkswagen India, albeit being late to the party has introduced My Volkswagen Connect for the Polo GT TSI and the Vento Highline Plus.

How does My Volkswagen Connect work? This system is slightly different than the one offered by other carmakers. Customers have to connect a sim-embedded dongle to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port and then download the ‘My Volkswagen Connect’ smartphone application on their Android or iOS devices. The app can be downloaded after a secure OTP exchange on the registered mobile number.

Volkswagen's new connected car technology
Volkswagen's new connected car technologyMy Volkswagen Connect

My Volkswagen Connect can analyse your driving styles in terms of speed, braking behaviour, coolant temperature, acceleration and RPM. The app also helps the customer to locate points of interest and in case of any emergency, they can reach out to customer care or roadside assistance. As a push towards digitisation, the app enables users to upload, scan and store important documents. Customers can also use the app to set renewal reminders for vehicle insurance and receive ‘over the air’ (OTA) software updates. It also comes with a free three-year subscription and three years of warranty.

The new My Volkswagen Connect app is a much more advanced and user friendly version of the previously available Volkswagen Connect app. The old version made use of Bluetooth connectivity which meant that the car had to be turned on and you had to be within the Bluetooth range to use its features. With the new sim based app, you can access it remotely and there are a host of additional features at your disposal. Moreover, My Volkswagen Connect gives access to various safety and security features like the real time location, towing alert, geo-fencing, route deviation alert, SOS and so on.

Commenting on the launch, Steffen Knapp, director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, “At Volkswagen India, we have relentlessly been working towards enhancing and providing our customers the best of technology and connected solutions. Today, we introduced the upgraded ‘My Volkswagen Connect’ app that offers customer convenience and safety at their fingertips. Customers will have access to real time vehicle analysis and assistance that would make them aware of their vehicle condition, driving patterns and enhance the overall fun-to-drive experience that a Volkswagen stands for”.

The Volkswagen Polo GT TSI currently retails at Rs 9.67 lakh, ex-showroom, while the Vento Highline Plus costs Rs 12.08 lakh for the manual variant and Rs 13.39 lakh for the automatic. With the addition of connected car features, both cars are now better equipped to take on their respective rivals.

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