Where is Michael Schumacher? Events following the F1 legend’s skiing accident

After suffering a life-threatening brain injury in 2013, seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher continues rehabilitation at his residence in Switzerland
Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 titles ever in the sport's history
Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 titles ever in the sport's history

Michael Schumacher’s Formula One career has been nothing short of spectacular. The seven-time F1 world champion holds many records to his name. More than just racing, Schumacher was loved for his passion for the sport and his untiring quest for improvement. After retiring in 2013, a cruel irony struck Schumacher’s life. After having survived the dangers of F1, Michael suffered a serious head injury while skiing in the French Alps.

Following the accident, Michael was kept in coma for six months and doctors worked hard to save his life. After multiple life-saving surgeries followed by six months in a medically induced coma, Schumacher was shifted to his residence in Gland, Switzerland in September 2014. His family, understandably so, remains tight lipped regarding the details of his health and only a handful of his F1 colleagues are allowed to visit even today.

Schumacher’s wife Corinna said to She’s Mercedes magazine in January 2019, “You can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and we are doing everything humanly possible to help him”. Another good news came in last year when Michael’s former boss at Ferrari and current FIA president Jean Todt revealed on Radio Monte Carlo that he had spent time with Michael and they even watched the German Grand Prix together.

The former F1 champion also underwent stem-cell transfusion surgery at Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris last year by French surgeon Philippe Menasche, who is considered a pioneer in this domain.

In an effort to keep his fans engaged and hopeful, Michael’s Keep Fighting Foundation, that does charitable work across the globe, released a smartphone application called ‘Schumacher. The Official App’, which is a digital museum where fans can take a tour of Michael’s achievements and his prized possessions like cars and F1 trophies.

Seven years on, there has been a tremendous outpouring of support and good wishes for F1’s most successful driver – there are numerous fan clubs across the globe and an officially licensed feature film portraying Michael’s glorious racing journey is also in the making. The film’s release date however has been postponed due to multiple reasons, with the coronavirus pandemic being one.

Michael won two titles with Benetton in 1994 and 1995 before winning five consecutive titles with Ferrari between 2000-2004. He drove for Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team before retiring from the sport in 2012. While we're certain that Michael is fighting with the same spirit and strength like he did behind the wheel of an F1 car, we hope that he's soon fit to go out in the public again, to greet his fans and reignite camaraderie with his pals in F1.

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