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Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson, Ahmedabad
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Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson, Ahmedabad

By Team Evo India

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We take a look at one personalised Harley-Davidson that is individualistic as well as exclusive

Bikes are very personal  machines. They are purpose built, for a single individual – the rider. A bike says a lot about the person riding it. They are essentially an extension of the rider, a physical embodiment of who they are.

This is one of the primary reasons why Harley-Davidson motorcycles are so popular. Harleys are infinitely customisable, and this is an extremely gratifying part of being a Harley owner. A Harley owner has no dearth of options when it comes to choosing how he wants to make his bike unique. From simple changes like new seats and exhausts to complete overhauls, he can customise the bike to represent who he is rather easily.

The Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson dealership at Ahmedabad is always helping their customers to fulfilling their vision of personalising their bikes. Take a step into the dealership and apart from their stock bikes and merchandise, you are greeted by a few beautifully customized Harley-Davidsons. These bikes are customized by the dealership itself, and though they aren’t for sale, they are a exemplification of what a well-customized bike looks like.

Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson, Ahmedabad

One bike that immediately grabs your attention is a Superlow done up with an orange and white paint scheme. The bike was built to be showcased at the Western H.O.G. Rally in Udaipur, which was hosted by the Nine-Bridges chapter and dealership. They wanted to show that simple changes can give a bike a whole new characteristic and look.

Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson, Ahmedabad

Changes to the Superlow were mainly cosmetic, however some modifications to improve the ride and handling were undertaken. The stock rear tyre has been replaced with a wider 200-section tyre  to give it a wider stance. The handle bars have been raised to mini ape styling for enhanced handling. The new handlebars look pretty neat as well. The foot controls have been taken forward to match the new handlebars and the large stock fuel tank has been replaced with a sleeker peanut tank making it look more streamlined. What grabs the most attention though is the bare metal look and the colours used on the bike. The white and orange paint job is striking and impossible to ignore. When setting out to build the bike, they wanted it to have a wide, commanding presence on the road. They have certainly succeeded.

Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson, Ahmedabad

Customising a bike isn’t an overnight job. It can take a lot of time and patience before your vision becomes a reality. This specific bike took a little over a month to build. While most of the changes made were not very difficult ones, some took up a substantial amount of time. For instance, the rear swing arm and brakes needed substantial adjustment before they could accommodate the wider tyre.

The dealership is pretty accomplished when it comes to customising bikes. The first bike they modified was a Fatboy that belongs to their MD, Pranav Nanda. They entered it in the India Bike Week customisation contest and won first place. Since then they have customised many Street 750s, Superlows, Irons, Forty-Eights, Street Bobs, Fatboys and Touring motorcycles.

Nine-Bridges Harley-Davidson, Ahmedabad

Currently, the dealership is working on a cafe racer and a future-themed Nightrod.

This stunning Superlow is just an illustration of what a couple of well thought out changes to your bike can do. The envious stares you get when you glide down the street on your custom motorcycle is an experience like no other. And it’s a good enough reason to go all out while pimping out your motorcycle.