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The final leg: #28States28Plates drive finishes off in Goa!
Team Evo India
3 min read
After 25 days of exploring the country and a lot of lovely food, we headed on to Goa, the last state on the #28States28Plates drive
GVCVC Palace to Palace Vintage Drive lights up the streets of Goa
Suvrat Kothari
2 min read
Headed by GVCVC, the Palace to Palace Vintage Drive had some of the rarest cars plying on Goa’s streets
What is it like to road trip in the new normal? We head to Goa to find out!
Our first long road-trip after the lockdown may not have been somewhere out of the ordinary, but it was great to get the juices flowing again. We went Trippin' with Lemon Tree!
Road tax slashed by half in Goa      
Afzal Rawuther
1 min read
On the fence about buying a new vehicle? Goa government’s latest move might help you take the call
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