Amazfit GTR 3 Review

Is the Amazfit GTR 3 the suitable fitness tracker for you?
Amazfit GTR 3
Amazfit GTR 3Amazfit

While there has been an onslaught of affordable fitness trackers and smartwatches in the market, not many have successfully differentiated themselves. The Amazfit GTR 3 has done just that. With aircraft grade aluminium adorning the thin case, the GTR 3 packs in a solid AMOLED display with vivid colours and great responsiveness. The watch in itself is very light at 43g and is easy to wear all day. There is a scroll wheel and a button that function as your control inputs apart from the touchscreen itself. The watch comes with Amazfit’s proprietary OS and as with other such operating systems, there is a serious dearth of options when it comes applications.

While the basics are covered in the Zepp (Amazfit’s version of an RTOS), there isn’t much else you can do. We were able to get upwards of a week of battery life on a consistent basis. There are around 150 activity modes to choose from with six of them being automatically recognised and tracked. The GPS, Heart rate tracking and SpO2 tracking proved to be fairly accurate. Like some other brands, the Amazfit GTR 3 has a metric (called Personal Activity Intelligence, or PAI here) which combines data from different sensors to give you a number that urges you move/ exercise more when you haven’t. Good looks, comfortable fit, great battery life and good fitness tracking make the Amazfit GTR 3 a compelling option for someone looking for an affordable fitness tracker.

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