The Sony audio system definitely upgrades your time in the car
The Sony audio system definitely upgrades your time in the carShot by Avdhoot Kolhe for evo India

Custom Sony car audio system

We try out Sony’s new custom car audio system on our Mahindra Thar


₹24,990 (Sony XS-162ES)

₹24,990 (Sony XS-690ES)

₹21,990 (Sony XM-GS4)

For the past few months, we have spent a lot of time in the cabin of our long term Mahindra Thar. While the Thar had a good factory-fitted sound system, we wanted to up the ante a little bit ― something a true-blue audiophile would be proud of. That’s when Sony stepped in and offered to loan us products from their audio range that would transform the auditory experience inside the Thar. After a detailed consultation with audio experts at Sony, we decided on the XS-162ES 2-way component speakers, XS-690ES 2-way coaxial speakers and XM-GS4 4-channel stereo amplifier. Sony even offered to perform the installation and tune the audio system to our liking.

The installation was performed at Poona Motors in Pune and we set off on a long roadtrip just right after that. The factory-fitted audio system just didn’t have enough punch to drown out the cacophony of our roads. The Sony system drowned out all the noise and we could get lost in the drive. The tweeters of XS-162ES were mounted on top of the dash. Their diminutive size, coupled with the nifty manner in which they were installed, meant that they felt almost integrated into the dash and not like an aftermarket addition. The 6-inch woofers on the other hand were installed in the doors. The XS-162ES comes with crossovers too and the whole system was plugged into the XM-GS4 that was mounted below the driver’s seat. It offers an output of 70 watts RMS for each of the four channels. The XS-690ES was housed in a custom fabricated box and was positioned in the boot.

The whole system was tuned for a sound signature that amplified the bass ― that’s what really sets our blood pumping as we head out for those late-night/early-morning drives. That didn’t mean that the sound compromised on other facets of the auditory experience. In fact, the manner in which the whole system ensured that the lows and mids were ever present and crystal clear to our ears was quite the revelation. The woofers, built out of specialised, mica-reinforced cellular Aramid fibre help minimise distortion and enhance low frequency response. The fabric dome tweeters are capable of delivering super high frequencies up to 40,000Hz. The sheer range of frequencies that they can reproduce means that the sound has an amazing amount of texture and detail. You can enhance your audio experience by opting for a high-res source.

While the Sony audio system proved to be exceptional, the Thar’s inherent acoustics aren’t exactly the best for an immersive audio experience. Some of it is a result of the packaging considerations of the Thar. Regardless, the solution Sony recommended worked wonders. The full suite of products that we used cost a pretty penny but they are audiophile grade equipment and should be looked at as such.

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