Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Compressor Review

The Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Compressor is easy to use and extremely handy in case your tyres are low on pressure
The Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Compressor can fill up your car's tyres in just 10 minutes
The Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Compressor can fill up your car's tyres in just 10 minutesTeam evo India

Once in a while, an invention comes along that solves a problem you forget you ever had. The Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is one such gadget. Having one in your car could be the best decision you ever make to ease your life. The setup is as simple as reading a book ― attach the air compressor to your tyre’s valve, check the tyre pressure and use the direction keys to set your desired psi. As soon as you do that, the air compressor works, as if by magic. Our Xiaomi Mi Air Compressor was put to use to fill the tyres on our long-term Kia Carens, and it filled a 10 psi gap in air pressure in the tyres in little more than two minutes each. So, you can realistically expect to fill all your air tyres in just ten minutes. A technology giant once made a huge deal of its marketing campaign “it just works”, and now Xiaomi has made it a reality with its portable air compressor.

The device just works. What works to its advantage is the remarkable size, which is truly pocketable. Having one in your car at all times in case of an emergency is not just the ideal use case scenario, but also quite necessary for the general safety and security of your commute and drives. The Mi compressor is a joy to use, and a boon to have. With one purpose for its existence, there could not be a better deal out there. The only two things to note are the way it heats up when filling air in your tyre, and the vibration and noise it makes while doing so. Both are not a big concern. And at a price point of just Rs 2,499, there is really nothing that beats the Xiaomi Mi air compressor for its sheer simplicity and ease of use, as well as value. Couple with the excellent and hardy build quality, this feels like a device that will last you for a very long time indeed.

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