2023 Formula Bharat dates announced

2023 Formula Bharat dates announced

The seventh season of the Formula Bharat competition is all set to take place at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore.

India's very own Formula Student Competition, Formula Bharat, is back for its seventh season in 2023. The inter-college competition is slated to take place at Coimbatore's 2.1-km-long Kari Motor Speedway from January 19 to 24, 2023. Over 53 engineering student teams from all over the country will compete in the seventh season of Formula Bharat and display their custom-built race cars. The task facing the participating teams is to create a prototype car that best satisfies the competition's rules. A jury of professionals from the motorsport, automotive, and supplier industries will evaluate the teams and their cars over the course of a six-day competition in the categories of engineering design, total cost, and performance.

Scores for on-track performance will show how well the prototype race cars perform in actual driving situations. Two classes—Class I and Class II—are being used in the competition this season. Class I was developed to give eager student teams the chance to have their conceptual concepts evaluated by professionals in the field without having to build a running and driving car.

The Class I winners were revealed earlier in November 2022. The overall winners in the combustion category were Hermes Racing from the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology and the overall winners in the electric category were IITK Motorsports from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Participants in Class II will display a real prototype car on-site at the Kari Motor Speedway in January 2023. The competing teams and the organisers are keen to get back on track in full force after the limits imposed by COVID regulations during the previous season.

Visitors can now access the competition website throughout this season. Moreover, there are also guided tours on offer for people interested in knowing more about the sport, on-site. The visitors will also have the chance to take part in guided tours, watch the track events, attend the award ceremonies, and speak with the organising teams, partners, and competitors. There are both online as well as on-site visitor passes available.

Here's the link where you can purchase the visitor passes: https://www.formulabharat.com/visitors/

Stay tuned to our social networking sites for the full coverage on the 2023 Formula Bharat when it unfolds in January 2023.

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