The XUV700s were decked in specially designed livery for the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge
The XUV700s were decked in specially designed livery for the 24 Hours Speed Endurance ChallengeTeam evo India

24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge: Flagging off the XUV700

All of the preparations boiled down to this moment, with the XUV700 being flagged off for the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge

At precisely 4pm on October 11, we flagged off the four XUV700s and commenced the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge at the Mahindra SUV Proving Track. Before the official flag-off, we did a ceremonial lap, prayed to the gods, did a traditional coconut break and then flagged off in a style similar to the 24 Hours of Le Mans at 4PM. But, there was even more that went on behind the scenes before the flag-off!

The day of the event began with a driver’s briefing, informing the drivers about the various protocols we would be following for overtakes, pit stops and communicating via walkie talkies. Despite having a lineup of experienced drivers, these protocols would ensure complete safety and clarity of communication between the drivers, as the SUVs would be driven non-stop for 24 hours at high speeds, leaving little to no margin for error. Following the briefing, the drivers were also taken for sighting laps on the High Speed Track of the MSPT.

After we had clicked the mandatory group pictures, it was time to kick off the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge. The four XUV700s, which were decked up in livery specially designed for the event, assembled on the main straight of the High Speed Track at 3PM. After a pooja was performed to bless the cars and the event, and the ceremonial coconut had been smashed, the XUV700s were flagged off by R. Veluswamy, Senior Vice President, Head - Automotive Product, Mahindra, for the procession laps. After this, the official event was flagged off at 4PM sharp.

After a few laps of getting to grips with the cars, the drivers dropped the hammer down and unleashed the power of the SUVs onto the banked high speed track. The 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge was now in full swing and the anticipation began to rise. What drama would unfold over the course of the next 24 hours? When would we break the existing national record? Would the XUVs hold up through the night? Stay tuned to find out more.

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