24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge: Night driving in the XUV700

The 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge also meant encountering the challenge of night driving with the XUV700
Driving the XUV700 at nearly 200 kmph in the dark was a challenging aspect of the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge
Driving the XUV700 at nearly 200 kmph in the dark was a challenging aspect of the 24 Hours Speed Endurance ChallengeTeam evo India

Driving in the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge was a daunting task in itself, demanding utmost concentration and control over the Mahindra XUV700 at high average speeds. This challenge would be amplified as darkness fell over the Mahindra SUV Proving Track, with the drivers continuing to power on through the night in a bid to break the national record for the maximum distance covered in 24 hours.

We had begun our record run in broad daylight, but as nightfall loomed ahead, it would be a completely different ballgame driving the XUV700 in the dark. Any hazards would be harder to spot when the cars would be storming down the track at 200kmph, and drivers would need to adapt to the changing light conditions in the darkness, as it would be very easy for a driver to get disoriented during these night stints. Taking these conditions into account, we ensured that the bankings of the Mahindra SUV Proving Track were lit up to make it easier for the driver. It would take drivers a few laps to get used to the strobe lighting-like effect of the lights on the banking, but it was relatively easier for a driver’s eyes to adjust.

While the night time might have proven more challenging for the drivers, the conditions were actually more favourable to the XUV700. The cooler conditions at night time meant the SUV ran better during the night stints and with the Auto Booster Headlamps, which kicked in once the XUV700 crossed the speed of 80 kmph, drivers could continue to push the car without the fear of their visibility getting hindered.

The XUV700’s comfort also encouraged drivers to put in long stints in the night without causing much in the way of driver fatigue, as we headed into Day 2 of the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge with our aim set on breaking the record.

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