We followed different strategies for the XUV700 in the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge
We followed different strategies for the XUV700 in the 24 Hours Speed Endurance ChallengeTeam evo India

24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge: The strategies and timing the XUV700

Breaking a national record with the XUV700 needed more than just sheer speed

All the initial work that we put in setting up for the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge would ultimately rely on the drivers in the XUV700. To ensure that we break the existing national record for the maximum distance covered in 24 hours without a shred of doubt, a crucial part of this effort would be the strategy we followed.

As mentioned earlier, we would be driving four Mahindra XUV700s at the Mahindra SUV Proving Track. While these SUVs would be driven at average speeds nearing 200kmph, breaking the record would not be as straightforward as going flat-out for 24 hours. We also had to account for the pit stops when the cars would be refuelled and tyre changes would be performed. Considering this, we decided to follow two strategies in our record run with the XUV700.

The petrol and diesel XUV700s which were equipped with the manual gearbox would be driven flat-out, at speeds ranging between 180 to 195kmph. On the other hand, both the petrol and the diesel automatics would be following a relatively easier approach, conserving fuel and reducing the number of pit stops required. The automatics would stick to average speeds ranging from 160 to 175kmph.

As we were gunning to break a national record, we also had a timing and validation setup at the MSPT. Every time a car passed the timing beam on the main straight of the High Speed Track, it was logged in a digital system. This ensured accuracy in collecting data, leaving no margin for error when it came to verifying the record. The timing and validation for the 24 Hours Speed Endurance Challenge was done by the Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC) and the record would be certified by the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of India (FMSCI) and the India Book of Records.

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