Audi reveals E-Tron Sportback

Audi reveals E-Tron Sportback

It’s a fastback style version of Audi’s all-electric SUV

The E-Tron Sportback is to the E-Tron what the Q8 is to the Q7; more style and less practicality.
It gets the same drivetrain as the E-Tron SUV but actually ekes out more range thanks to better aerodynamics.
The electric motor produces 300bhp and 540Nm of torque with a range of 344km (WLTP Cycle) in 50 variant and 355bhp and 664Nm with 446km of range (WLTP Cycle) in 55 Quattro variant.

The E-Tron Sportback has similar styling to the standard E-Tron except for the raked rear windscreen and the kink at the end of the windows. It gets a new paint job that is exclusive to the Sportback called Plasma Blue. Headroom has decreased by 20mm while cargo space has also reduced slightly.

The Sportback also gets cameras in place of regular door mirrors with the feed being relayed onto a small screen on the door; this is not just a technological improvement but also increases the efficiency of the car without the need for bulky physical mirrors. The coolest thing about the Sportback is the Digital Matrix LED headlights that use a chip with one million micromirrors to illuminate the road. For example, it can illuminate just the lane you are in if you’d like or even project a line of text onto the road if you somehow manage to get into the car’s system. We’re not suggesting you do it, we’re just saying it’s possible.

The standard E-Tron is estimated to be priced around Rs 1.2-1.4 Crore when it is launched in India and you can expect the E-tron Sportback to be priced at a slight premium over that.

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