Audi implements new digital experience for customers

Audi implements new digital experience for customers

Audi has launched a new connected car app and a more digitised buying experience

Karan Singh, Correspondent, evo India

Karan Singh, Correspondent, evo India

After Mercedes’ launch of their new Mercedes Me app earlier this week, Audi has implemented its digitalisation platform they announced a few months earlier. The move includes a new connected car app and a whole new customer experience in the showroom powered by cutting edge technology.

Connected car experience

Audi’s new app, called myAudi Connect, aims to provide customers a more seamless experience of interacting with their cars by providing handy information like fuel and battery level before even getting into the car. There are a host of other features that are split up into five broad headings-

Safety and Security: The app will provide vital assistance in case of an accident by informing emergency contacts, the app can also call Audi’s roadside assistance in case of a breakdown or need of repairs. There are boundary and curfew alerts that notify the user if the car has left a preset geo-fence. A disturbance alert feature alerts customers on any kind of disturbance when the car is not in use

Driver behaviour: Provides an analysis of the trip and gives a driver score based on how they have driven the car taking into account parameters like hard braking, hard acceleration, sharp turns and idling.

Lifestyle: With the lifestyle features of the app users can listen to music, audiobook and podcasts right in the app, they will also have access to a concierge desk to assist them with any requests and assistance.

Geo location: The geo-location features will help users find the location of their parked car as well as live real time location. The app will notify the user in case it senses the car is being towed. Inbuilt POI features will help users find tourist spots and places of interest around their location.

Utility: myAudi connect enables users to book service appointments for their car as well as see the service history and current health of the vehicle. There is a nifty virtual document storage that keeps all of the cars documents handy in a secure space.

The myAudi Connect app will be available for use with new and used Audi cars manufactured after 2011 at a price of Rs 19,999 which includes the cost of the device, 3-year subscription & applicable taxes. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Driving Audi’s digitisation move on the retail side is a new experience for customers walking into their showrooms. Dubbed Audi VR experience, it is the brands Virtual Reality app that enables customers to visualise their bespoke configuration of any new Audi they desire and view it as if it were there. The app will enable exterior as well as an interior view of the car. The spec can then be sent to the dealer to place an order for the car.

The company is also foraying into the e-commerce space with the Audi Shop where buyers can order merchandise like caps, shirts, bags, even scale models of their favourite Audi and get it shipped across the country.

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