The BMW Concept XM will enter production by late 2022
The BMW Concept XM will enter production by late 2022 BMW

BMW Concept XM unveiled | The most powerful BMW M car ever!

The Concept XM is powered by a V8 engine that’s assisted by an electric motor. This setup, together, produces a combined output of 739bhp and a colossal 1000Nm torque!

BMW has taken the wraps off the Concept XM, a full-size high-performance SUV, whose production version will make its debut late next year. The Concept XM is the first standalone BMW M model since the M1 sports car of the 1980s and it also is the first product not to be based on any existing BMW model. Only to be available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which produces 739bhp and 1000Nm torque. The Concept XM is the most powerful M car ever made. And with that, it also debuts BMW's new front-end design for BMW’s upcoming luxury-class models.

BMW Concept XM Design:

BMW, with the Concept XM, has debuted its new front-end styling philosophy that will soon make its way on each of its upcoming luxury models. The first thing which you notice upfront, (for obvious reasons) are the big octagonally shaped black kidney grilles. And if they weren't noticeable enough, BMW has gone one step further and given them illuminated surroundings. The grilles are flanked by a pair of very slim split-LED headlights. The Concept XM gets a sculpted bonnet, with power domes and vents at the bottom of the windscreen, which look rather similar to it's another unique feature upfront, the pair of searchlights present on the roof.

Moving on to the sides, the Concept XM gets a sloping roofline, with plenty of sharp contours and a very distinct shoulder line. Not to miss the aggressive flared wheel arches with black body cladding. At the rear, the Concept XM gets a pair of L-shaped LED tail lights which look rather cool. The rear is separated into two halves by a prominent line, which makes the Concept XM look wider than it already is. The rear diffuser houses a pair of stacked twin-exhaust pipes which are hexagonally shaped. BMW has also paid homage to the iconic M1 supercar by laser-etching the rear windscreen with BMW logos on either side, similar to how the M1 had on its tail.

BMW Concept XM Interior

The BMW Concept XM's interior looks rather tame and almost production ready, when compared to its exterior. What dominates the inside is the digital real estate, a single piece curved display that houses the instrument cluster and the infotainment system. The Concept XM gets BMW's newest 8th-generation iDrive OS. The centre console and a certain part of the dashboard is trimmed in a material made from carbonfibre with interwoven copper. Up front, the Concept XM gets a pair of bucket seats, which won't look out of place in a high-end handbag store as they are trimmed in brown leather for a vintage-look. The steering wheel is fully trimmed in the same brown leather too and it also gets M-specific red accents. It's a different story at the rear though, where there is a bench style seat that has been integrated into the sides of the car, making them seamless, with green leather. The Concept XM also gets mood lighting on the headliner which gets a geometric texture.

BMW Concept XM Engine

While BMW hasn't given away full details of the Concept XM's powertrain yet, they have revealed that it will be propelled by a V8 engine that is assisted by an electric motor to produce a total output of 739bhp and 1000Nm torque. That makes the Concept XM the most powerful M model to date. And if that power figure is retained in the production XM, it will be the most powerful SUV on the market. This newly developed powertrain is dubbed the 'M Hybrid drive system' and BMW claims that the Concept XM can do up to 80km in fully-electric mode.

The BMW Concept XM will turn into a fully production car by the end of 2022. It will be made in the BMW group's Spartanburg plant in the USA, which is supposed to be the biggest market for the XM. While an India launch hasn't been confirmed yet, expect the XM to come to India by mid or late 2023. But what is confirmed is the BMW iX is coming to our shores next month! Click here to know more.

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