Our BMW M8 contest is live, enter now to win cool merchandise!

Our BMW M8 contest is live, enter now to win cool merchandise!

Guess what the evo India editor thinks of the M8 Coupe's styling and stand a chance to win some really cool t-shirts from 100kmph

Team Evo India

To celebrate the launch of the new BMW M8, we are hosting a contest in partnership with BMW India and 100kmph to giveaway a three t-shirts from our merchandise partner 100kmph, with an epic BMW 3.0 CSL 'Batmobile' design. The question is simple, all you need to do is tell us what the Ed, Sirish Chandran thinks of the M8 Coupe's styling.

The new BMW M8 Coupe is now on sale in India, and is priced at Rs 2.15 crore. With the most powerful engine ever put in to a BMW road car, and with legitimate motorsport roots, the M8 Coupe is a serious force to reckon with. It comes loaded with a whole host of technology -- an intelligent AWD system that can be turned in to RWD-only, brake-by-wire with adjustable sensitivity at the pedals and performance oriented driving modes. Not to mention that fact, that it is a seriously good looking car. We recently put out a video where Sirish Chandran breaks down the M8 and what he thinks of it. You can watch it here:

We encourage participants to read the terms & conditions before entering the contest to avoid any confusion. Entries can be mailed to contest@gtopublishing.com with the subject line as ‘BMW M8 contest’ or take a screenshot of the question, mark the correct answer and tag the official handles of evo India and BMW India. Stay tuned to our social media handles — Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter, so you don’t miss any updates related to the contest. Don't forget to like our YouTube video and subscribe to the channel. All the best!

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