Ford showcases one-off Mustang Lithium, a fully-electric Mustang

Ford showcases one-off Mustang Lithium, a fully-electric Mustang

Revealed at SEMA in Las Vegas, the car is a letter of intent for their investment into electric cars

Ford has showcased a full-electric version of the Mustang at SEMA, a one off-prototype that has been built as a collaboration between Ford and Webasto to showcase Ford’s future plans to make exciting electric cars. Ford has really outdone itself with the spec, it makes almost as much power as a Veyron and has the looks to match! While Ford's Mustang-based electric SUV comes out later this month it has treated us to this monstrosity in the meantime.

Powering the Mustang Lithium is a Phi-Power sourced dual-core electric motor, coupled with dual power inverters. The motor is powered by an 800-volt battery, almost twice that of production EVs, and is equipped with the company’s EVDrive Technology that can discharge a mega-watt of electrical energy! If you didn’t understand a word of that, don’t worry. Just know that it makes over 1350Nm of torque and more than 900bhp of power, from the word go. If you are standing in a crowd near this, prepare to scram.

The interesting bit is that this car gets a 6-speed manual gearbox. Now this is a first, Ford hasn't elaborated on how this system will work. Electric motors and IC engines have very different characteristics and it will be interesting to see how homogeneous this package feels. The gearbox itself is the same unit that is in the outgoing Mustang but has been beefed up to handle the extra power. What is clear though, is Ford is trying to build an electric car that appeals to the old-school petrol-sniffing crowd that is constantly moaning the death of the manual.

The Mustang Lithium gets a lot of kit, it is a prototype after all, To aid handling Ford has given it their Performance Track Handling Pack and strut tower brace, the anchors are in the form of Brembo six-piston brakes in the front (from the Shelby GT350R). The side splitters and rear diffuser are provided by Sankuer Composite Technologies. Showing off Webasto’s prowess is the see-through polycarbonate hood and the TurboDX charging solution and TurboCord portable charger which are also courtesy of Webasto. The bodywork is carbonfibre, ride height is lowered by an inch and the car rides on 20-inch forged rims. If you’re not drooling yet, It gets four driving modes — Valet, Sport, Track and Beast. A driving mode called Beast is all I wanted in my car when I was a kid!

Hold on, put your wallet back inside, the car is not for sale and remains a one-off prototype while also doubling up as a crucial test-bed for new electric powertrain technologies. Ford is investing big into an electric future with a planned investment of $11.5 billion (Approximately Rs 81600 Crore) by 2022. The first of which is their Mustang-inspired electric SUV is set for reveal on November 18.

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