Engage 4x4 India issue #13 is out now.
Engage 4x4 India issue #13 is out now.Engage 4x4

Engage 4x4 India issue #013: Exploring the Mahindra Armado ALSV and what it means for the armed forces

In this Defence special issue, we bring to you the Mahindra Armado’s first road test, BTS of an advert shoot, plus we explore Nagaland, Ladakh, and even Siberia in Mahindra SUVs

Gone are the days when military vehicles were mere adaptations of civilian vehicles. The Armado changes that – this is the first time that an ALSV has been designed specifically for military purposes. This 6-tonne vehicle is powered by a 3.2-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine and can do speeds of up to 120kmph on the harshest of terrains. But there’s a lot more to this than what meets the eye. Read all about it in our latest issue.

In the sun-kissed sands of Goa, where waves crash relentlessly, a band of heroes emerges. Join us as we pay homage to the fearless lifeguards who stand as sentinels, saving lives with nothing but their courage and trusty Mahindras. Mandar fulfils his dream of driving to Ladakh in a Scorpio N, a group of Thars drives deep into the Nagaland wilderness, Bijoy reflects on 10 years of the Mahindra Off-road Academy, reports from the recent Himalayan drive, a convoy of Mahindras drive to Siberia and many more such drives. We also answer what happens in an advertorial shoot when we take you behind the scenes of the new Thar Earth Edition photoshoot. We also have a tuned Bolero camper that has now become an off-road beast and there’s a CJ-3B that is on its journey to a complete restoration. 

All this and more in the March 2024 issue of Engage 4x4 India issue #13 – get your copy today by clicking here.

Mahindra Armado ALSV

With a bulletproof cabin, advanced communication systems, and a 3.2-litre Steyr engine that is manufactured in Chakan, the Armado embodies the spirit of national pride and resilience, symbolising India's ascent as a global leader in defence manufacturing. This is the first time a publication has had a chance to road-test the Armado, and Anand has made sure this is the only review you will ever need to read. 

Mahindra Armado ALSV tested!
Mahindra Armado ALSV tested!Engage 4x4

Lifeguards of Goa

Aatish begins the story with how he almost drowned once in Goa and wouldn’t be writing this story if not for the courageous lifeguards of Goa. This story thus pays tribute to these brave men and women and also to the various Mahindra Thars that make their jobs a little easier. 

A tribute to Goa's lifeguards.
A tribute to Goa's lifeguards.Engage 4x4

BTS of the Thar Earth Edition shoot

Exactly how is an advertorial shot? What goes behind clicking that perfect picture? And what are the things that can go wrong during such a shoot? This story answers all those questions and more

BTS of the Thar Earth Edition story.
BTS of the Thar Earth Edition story.Engage 4x4

Scorpio N to Ladakh

Big Daddy of SUVs? Certainly in the hearts of many Indians, including our very own Mandar who finally got his dream wish fulfilled. Here’s his account of taking his dream trip to Sirsir La and Singe La while driving on some amazing roads.

Scorpio N driven to Sirsir La.
Scorpio N driven to Sirsir La.Engage 4x4

Ten years of Mahindra Off-road Academy

Discover the 10-year journey of Mahindra Adventure's Off-Road Academy, where a once-barren land is now a playground of adventure. With tracks sculpted to mimic nature's challenges and breathtaking surroundings, enthusiasts of all levels flock to test their skills against the elements. 

Mahindra Off-road Academy completes 10 years.
Mahindra Off-road Academy completes 10 years.Engage 4x4

Mahindra Thars in Nagaland

45 off-road enthusiasts of all ages and genders, including a convoy of 22 new-gen Thars take on the exhilarating Nagaland Winter Expedition 2023, meticulously crafted by 4x4Attitude Expeditions under the banner of "Unforgiving Terrain, Uniting People." Lush hills and intertwining cultures are only a few of the highlights.

A convoy of Thars drives through Nagaland.
A convoy of Thars drives through Nagaland.Engage 4x4

Himalayan Drive 

Building on the success of previous editions paying homage to the iconic Himalayan Rally of the '80s, this time, it's a nostalgic journey for ex-rally drivers and enthusiasts alike, commemorating the 40th Anniversary of this legendary event. With Team Firefox at the helm, the stakes are higher as they set their sights on the majestic landscapes of Ladakh with the ultimate goal being tackling Umling La.

The third edition of the Himalayan Drive goes to Umling La.
The third edition of the Himalayan Drive goes to Umling La.Engage 4x4

Mahindra SUVs to Siberia

A picture can tell a 1000 words? Well, present stunning pictures that tell you the story of a convoy of Mahindra SUVs that travelled over two months to reach Siberia from India tackling some of the harshest weather conditions.

Tackling extreme conditions, few bravehearts drive to Siberia from India.
Tackling extreme conditions, few bravehearts drive to Siberia from India. Engage 4x4

Tuned Bolero Camper

From ferrying relief materials to disaster-stricken regions to its transformation into the rugged ‘Arctic Edition Camper’, this Bolero symbolises resilience and restoration. With custom features like off-road steelies and a side exit free-flow exhaust, it navigates Kalimpong's rugged terrain and serves the community.

A Bolero camper tuned to be an off-road beast.
A Bolero camper tuned to be an off-road beast.Engage 4x4

Exploring the Thar lifestyle

For this adventure, we sent a newbie along with our local Thar club to see what’s it like being a part of a close-knit community while taking on off-road obstacles for the first time in a Thar

Our long-termer Thar goes off-roading.
Our long-termer Thar goes off-roading.Engage 4x4

Restoring a Mahindra CJ-3B

Despite several hurdles, Manish imported components from the US and has restored a battle-worn jeep into a striking red beauty. The CJ-3B, once a military workhorse, now roams the Himalayas, and even participates in rallies despite its ageing chassis.

This CJ-3B is on its way to a complete restoration.
This CJ-3B is on its way to a complete restoration.Engage 4x4

Timeless Mahindra: Birth of an icon

We revisit the journey behind the creation of the Jeep, delving into the intricacies of its design, engineering, and development that led to the birth of this iconic legend.

Excerpts from the Timeless Mahindra book by Adil Jal Darukhanawala.
Excerpts from the Timeless Mahindra book by Adil Jal Darukhanawala.Engage 4x4

Owning a classic Mahindra

Vinod Nookala introduces a different take on owning classics. He celebrates driving classic cars like the Mahindra Classic for fitness and mental well-being while sharing personal experiences, highlighting how operating a classic car requires physical effort and sharpens coordination skills. This just might be the motivation you need to buy such a classic.

Health benefits by owing a classic?
Health benefits by owing a classic?Engage 4x4

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