The July 2021 issue of evo India is packed with horsepower, new EVs and the latest news!
The July 2021 issue of evo India is packed with horsepower, new EVs and the latest news!evo India

Ferrari Roma, Audi e-tron, Skoda Kushaq and the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the July 2021 issue of evo India

Plus the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS, Jaguar I-Pace, how the Hyundai Alcazar stacks up against the Tata Safari and much more

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The July 2021 issue of evo India magazine is out now for you enthusiasts to order and after a lull in the automotive industry due to the second wave, we’ve been driving and riding some incredible machines this month. Headlining the issue is arguably the most beautiful Ferrari of recent times, the Roma. With an engine derived from the F8 Tributo and a power output in excess of 600bhp, it was an exercise in caution and bravery as we tried to reign in all of its horses in the Indian monsoon. Lots of fun was had.

We also drove what we consider to be the new luxury EV benchmark, the Audi e-tron. We also have the Jaguar I-Pace and these two EVs couldn’t be more different from each other — while one focuses one luxury and serenity, the other is all about pushing your eyes further into your sockets with rapid acceleration. We’ve also got a first drive of the Skoda Kushaq, driven the BS6-compliant Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, as well as the face-lifted BMW 5 Series. The fresh metal doesn’t stop there though. We lounge in the back seat of both, the new W223-gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the immensely expensive Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. We also compare the Hyundai Alcazar and the Tata Safari, head to one of our favourite driving roads in the Hyundai Creta, indulge in the importance of convertible supercars and speak to one of evo India’s friends on why she bought the new Mahindra Thar.

There’s a lot more high octane action in the July 2021 issue of evo India! Our TUNED section features a Volkswagen Jetta with one-of-a-kind rims and a souped-up Tiago JTP with a blow-off valve to tingle the ears. You’ll also be greeted with everything you need to know about Ferrari’s first V6-engined car, plus news about Porsche’s first ever ‘GT’ model in the Cayenne lineup and Asia’s longest high-speed test track, which is right here in India! In the FastBikes section, we swing our leg around the 2021 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V and find out if the updates are significant.

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Ferrari Roma

Maranello's Jekyll and Hyde prancing horse
Maranello's Jekyll and Hyde prancing horseevo India

For years, the entry-level Ferrari has been plagued by the term ‘baby Ferrari’. The Roma is different though. Sure, it might be the most affordable Ferrari coupe on sale, but it also makes a stonking 611bhp and 760Nm from a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8. And while the comparisons to the Portofino are unavoidable, the Roma is a totally different animal. It is more dialled in, more powerful, more planted, more playful. And at the same time, it is also the most comfortable Ferraris we’ve ever driven. Even the rain battered roads around our home base couldn’t send more than a gentle thump in the cabin. Best of all worlds?

Audi e-tron

Ingolstadt's take on electric luxury!
Ingolstadt's take on electric luxury!evo India

The all-electric e-tron SUV builds upon everything Audi stands for — comfortable ride, high-quality materials, cutting edge technology and a driving experience that can thrill. Aatish even claims this is the best electric car in the country today, what with its focus on luxury and a incredibly relaxed driving experience.

Skoda Kushaq

The Kushaq is the most important car for Skoda, period
The Kushaq is the most important car for Skoda, periodevo India

Perhaps the most important car for Skoda India in a long time, the Kushaq is the first on the MQB-A0-IN platform and it is Skoda’s golden ticket into the world of mid-size SUVs. But for it to actually bag good numbers, the Kushaq has to please more than just the enthusiast. Does the Kushaq have what it takes? We drive the 1.5-litre TSI mated to the manual gearbox to find out.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class remains an industry tech leader
The S-Class remains an industry tech leaderevo India

The best car in the world? Not too many manufacturers can say that about their cars and get away with it. But Mercedes isn’t playing around. With a 3D digital instrument cluster, OLED screen, 4D Burmester Sound System, all-new switchgear and controls, high-quality materials, rear-wheel steering, 4Matic all-wheel-drive and a lot, lot more — the new S-Class is a gadget on wheels. We take a deep dive into all of these aspects to answer the question, is this the best car in the world?

Jaguar I-Pace

Solihull's take on electric luxury!
Solihull's take on electric luxury!evo India

The Ed is not one to overuse superlatives but after driving the Jaguar I-Pace, he resorted to teenage slang to best describe the incredible acceleration of Jaguar’s all-electric SUV. This EV-for-the-family is one of the fastest cars in this issue and the most forward-thinking as far as design is concerned. The luxury EV segment is definitely heating up!

2021 Isuzu D-Max

Little updates here and there for the Japanese workhorses
Little updates here and there for the Japanese workhorsesevo India

Isuzu have taken their own sweet time to update the D-Max and MU-X lineup to meet BS6 emission norms. On the surface not much has changed cosmetically, or in terms of features but the 1.9-litre diesel engine now runs cleaner. Has Isuzu done enough?

BMW 5 Series LCI

Sharper 5er
Sharper 5erevo India

The BMW 5 Series has been our default recommendation for any well-to-do person looking for a car that can soothe the nerves, and get the adrenaline pumping. It now comes wearing a sharper suit. The 5 Series Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) gets bolder looks, a bigger screen and a hike in price too.

Mahindra Thar: Early Adopters

Daily-ing the Thar!
Daily-ing the Thar!evo India

For our the fourth instalment we meet up with Vrishali. She’s not just the owner of a new Mahindra Thar, but was also part of the evo India family setting the design identity! It was at one of our events that she developed a soft spot for the Thar and now that she has finally bought it, she uses her Thar for everything from grocery runs to commutes and even long intercity drives.

Volkswagen India: Cost of ownership

Economic news from VW
Economic news from VWevo India

Buying a car is expensive. Prices for new cars have been soaring higher than ever and the fuel to run them could soon be paid for in gold. But the true cost of ownership is actually more greatly affected by things like service, repairs and reliability. This is why we take a look at how Volkswagen has slashed the cost of not just services, but also drastically reduced prices of parts, all while maximising convenience.

Hyundai Alcazar vs Tata Safari

The Alcazar is much more than a stretched Creta
The Alcazar is much more than a stretched Cretaevo India

The SUV craze is here to stay, in all shapes and sizes and one of those shapes and sizes is the six- or seven-seater mid-size SUV segment. We’ve seen Tata capitalise on it with the Safari and now Hyundai has also entered with the Alcazar. Which one should you buy? Are the Alcazar and the Safari anything more than stretched versions of the Creta and Safari?

Nissan Magnite: First Movers

Magnite's day out
Magnite's day outevo India

In our second instalment of the Magnite First Mover series, we meet Ajay, Archana and Viren in Mumbai and hop straight on to the M2M Ferry to Alibaug. The ferry cuts travel time by over an hour and we utilise the time saved to find some beautiful coastal roads to drive on with the Magnite customers, and ask them why they chose the Magnite.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS v GLS 450

Business class vs First class
Business class vs First classevo India

With a price tag more than double that of the standard GLS, we find out if the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 is worth the extra dough by being the first publication to drive both these mammoth-sized SUVs back-to-back. Rs 2.43 crore going up against Rs 1.04 crore seems like an unfair fight, but the odds are further skewed if you factor in the almost Rs 2 crore worth of options on the Maybach. This one test all about the moolah!

Hyundai Creta to Tamhini Ghat

The Great Driving Roads series continues with the Hyundai Creta
The Great Driving Roads series continues with the Hyundai Cretaevo India

We take our long-term test Hyundai Creta on yet another edition of our Great Driving Roads series and discover the curves, crests, bumps and dips of the Tamhini Ghat. With heavy grey clouds contrasted by almost fluorescent green plants, inky-black tarmac and great connectivity to both Mumbai and Pune, the Tamhini Ghat is great for a weekend getaway.

Mclaren 720 S Spider v Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

Topless rockets from Germany and Great Britain; which one do you fancy?
Topless rockets from Germany and Great Britain; which one do you fancy?evo India

In this shootout of convertibles, we don’t just compare the 710bhp 720 S Spider to the 641bhp 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, because that conclusion is almost set in stone. Instead, we look at the appeal of a convertible, its purpose, its strengths, weaknesses and find out whether an open-top high-performance supercar which compromises handling and dynamics is a sensible choice.

Fast Bikes Section

The Apache RTR 160 4V gets a mid-life update
The Apache RTR 160 4V gets a mid-life updateevo India

The Fast Bikes section is headlined by our first ride of the new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. Instead of fattening the brochure, TVS has stuck to the basics to reduce the weight of the entry-level Apache, while also increasing power. We also get you the lowdown on revised FAME II policy and how it has affected prices of electric two-wheelers.

TUNED Section

Some of the finest custom builds in the country
Some of the finest custom builds in the countryevo India

In the July issue of evo India, we check out Irfan's Volkswagen Jetta which tries to fly under the radar with an all-black theme, but stands out from the crowd with some of the tastiest aftermarket rims we’ve ever seen. We also get behind the ’wheel of a Stage 1 tuned Tata Tigor JTP built by Race Concepts and the Classifieds section has some of the best pre-owned tuner cars from across the country. Psst, there’s an E36 BMW 3 Series in there too.

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