The FMSCI WIM Commission members are top racers and rally drivers who are well known in the Indian motorsport scene
The FMSCI WIM Commission members are top racers and rally drivers who are well known in the Indian motorsport sceneFMSCI

FMSCI WIM: Encouraging women in motorsport

The WIM or Women in Motorsport Commission aims to increase participation by women in motorsports from the grassroot level

Ask any enthusiast or even a layman with the smallest hint of petrol in their veins, and they’ll proceed to tell you the long-drawn challenges of attaining a career in motorsport. But thanks to a combination of increased awareness, and no doubt aided by technology, the FMSCI has taken another proactive step to encourage the participation of women in motorsport, with the WIM (Women in Motorsport) Commission. The WIM was started in January 2017 under the parent body, the FIA, and like the name suggests, is solely focussed to encourage women to enter a sport which has been largely dominated by men.

Sita Raina, member of the WIM Commission said that “Women enter motorsports through men!” The WIM Commission member went on to add that women are often introduced to the joys of motorsport by observing their fathers who are participating or are interested in motorsport. Other members of the WIM Commission included Deepa Malik, president of the International Paralympic Committee, fellow motoring journalist and rally driver, Renuka Kirpalani and Anita Nanjappa, who is has been an eight-time national champion on two wheels and will be heading the two-wheeler motorsport arm of the WIM Commission. Sita Raina stated the importance of taking an interest in motorsport at a young age, allowing this enthusiasm to develop into a talent right from a grassroot level. She also stated the case of Mira Erda, who started karting at the age of 8, and is now the only Indian woman who drives in Formula 4! “We want the WIM initiative to be a one-stop-shop for women in motorsport”, Raina added.

In this digital interaction, the WIM Commission announced the launch of their social media handles, as well as some of the initiatives that they plan to implement to ensure that women take an interest in motorsport. Anita Nanjappa, who is heading the two wheelers arm for the WIM Commission also mentioned that the FMSCI has added a safety inclusion policy for young women in motorsport. Anita also talked about the sustainability initiative of the FMSCI, which targets waste management – which has been spearheaded by the WIM Commission. The Commission also stated that the roadmap and the timeline for these various initiatives will be declared soon and also that there will be plenty of learning material available digitally as well, in the form of webinars.

The WIM Commission is bound to pique the interest of women in motorsports, more so than ever before, and it will also help bring down the barriers for more enthusiasts to enter this exciting sport. And with the way we’ve seen our guest drivers put the pedal to the metal on our recent record run, we have no doubt that exciting times are in store for Indian motorsport.

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