Internships are open at evo India magazine – apply now to join the team!

evo India is looking for interns to join its editorial team. If you’ve got a knack for writing and a passion for cars and bikes, apply now!
Internships are now open at evo India magazine!
Internships are now open at evo India magazine!evo India

Enthusiasts Ahoy! evo India has opened its doors for internships! Have you always dreamt of becoming an automotive journalist? Do you walk and talk cars, bikes and anything that has wheels and is powered by an engine? Now is the time! We at evo India are looking for editorial interns, who can join the content writing team and learn the ropes when it comes to creating great content for the website and social media.

Click here to apply for the editorial internship!

Everyone currently in the evo India family started with their journeys as interns, and then moved up the ladder in the field of automotive journalism. From the Ed Sirish Chandran, assistant editor Aatish Mishra and even the core photography and video team – everyone put in the hours at an internship before moving on to a permanent role. After all, an internship is the perfect place to put in hours under the guidance of experienced hands and learn how the industry works, and pick up and hone the necessary skills you need to make this into a career.

What we’re looking for in prospective editorial interns is three very clear things. First, a solid written and spoken command over the English language. This is the foundation of this job and is absolutely essential. We’re also looking for someone with a basic knowledge of cars, motorcycles and the automotive industry in general. The third thing we’re looking for is passion. This job requires you to be immensely passionate about cars and bikes and we need to see that passion in your writing.

Internships are also open for photographers, filmmakers and video editors. Apply here!

Refer to our stories at, to get an idea about our writing style. You can also have a listen to episode six of the Thrill Of Driving podcast where we've cleared all the confusion to the how do you become an automotive journalist question!

Moreover, you can also watch our conversation with Bossman Adil Jal Darukhanawala, pioneer of the Indian automotive journalism scene to know why this really is the best job in the world!

This internship at evo India will be for a period of six months and the selected applicants will receive a monthly stipend for the same. One important thing that should be noted though is that this internship, although open to everyone across the country, will require you to relocate to Pune for the duration of the internship. Put the pedal to the metal and go for it!

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