Jaguar opens up new design studio

Jaguar opens up new design studio

Jaguar has inaugurated its brand new purpose built design studio in UK

Jaguar has been designing some of the most beautiful cars on the market since its inception. The E-Type was widely regarded as the most beautiful car of all time, even Enzo Ferrari said so. Current Jaguars step away from the restrained design language of some European car-makers with beautiful sculptures and gorgeous lines. Design has always been at the core of Jaguar’s USP.

Jaguar has opened a brand new purpose-built creative space for the first time in the company’s 84-year history. The new design facility is led by Design Director, Julian Thomson. At the center of the studio is the ‘Heart Space’ designed to bring the team together to share ideas and inspire creativity. There are bespoke working environments for the Interior, Exterior, Colour and Materials teams as well as Design Visualisation and Design Technical teams. There are custom-made clay modelling machines allowing 20 models to be worked on at once, virtual reality (VR) systems and an 11 meter 4K digital display wall known as ‘The Electric’. The floor area of the new studio measures over 12 thousand square meters – an increase of around 33 percent of the total previous studio space. There are also ample areas to view models from different heights and different lights to see how the car would look like in real life under different lighting.

Julian Thomson, Design Director, Jaguar, said: “The new facility brings the entire design team together in one hugely creative space. We truly believe that inspiration comes from interaction and collaboration. Our studio is fitted with the latest technologies but, just as important, is the diversity of human expertise and our passion for Jaguar which helps us design the extraordinary.”

The new design studio really looks like a designer’s dream, wide open spaces, beautiful materials and a great use of shapes and colours to invoke creativity and innovation, we can’t wait to see what comes out of that studio!

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