Kia rolls out big update to the UVO Connect app

The changes include better navigation and augmented reality based last-mile guidance
The new features should improve the day-to-day usability of the app
The new features should improve the day-to-day usability of the appKia UVO Connect

Kia’s UVO Connect is a companion application to Kia’s UVO in-car software, offering connected car functionality for users. While it was on-par with the competition in terms of functionality, the new update puts it among the best connected car solutions out there. The update focuses on improving the accuracy and reliability of the in-car navigation system, while also adding a bunch of new features to improve the overall usability of the app. It is important to note that this update is currently for Europe, but we may see a release for more markets soon.


One of the most important updates to the UVO Connect app is more accurate traffic prediction. The maps will use the car’s onboard internet connection to get real-time traffic updates, while also using historical data to make more accurate predictions. When you do get to your destination, the augmented navigation feature allows users to continue navigation on their smartphones after they have parked their cars. This is useful if you have parked away from your actual destination. The app sends a notification to the user’s phone if the destination is between 200 metres to 2 kilometres away from where the ignition has been turned off. The ‘AR Guidance’ feature aims to make on-foot directions easier by using the phone’s camera and overlaying turn-by-turn directional arrows.

The last-mile guidance feature looks to be particularly useful
The last-mile guidance feature looks to be particularly useful Kia UVO Connect


While better navigation is the core focus of the update, a range of new features also increase the usability of the UVO Connect software. For starters, users now have the ability to switch profiles. In case the car is used by multiple people, they can switch user profiles via the app which can change a range of settings based on that user’s preference including navigation, radio and Bluetooth preferences. The new ‘Valet Parking Mode’ allows users to track the car’s location in real time and also prevents someone else from seeing personal information stored on your car such as navigation history. Kia Live Services will utilise different service providers to get better information on various things like weather forecasts, locations for fuel pumps and EV charging points, instead of relying solely on their own systems.

The new features should improve the day-to-day usability of the app
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While these ‘Phase II’ features will be rolled out only for Kia’s models in Europe in the coming months, judging by the popularity of the brand in our country and the fact that both the Seltos and the Carnival are equipped with the UVO Connect software, we may see an update for our market soon too.

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