The Koenigsegg Gemera is a 1700bhp hypercar with four seats, but why?
With doors like that, the Gemera sure looks the part

The Koenigsegg Gemera is a 1700bhp hypercar with four seats, but why?

With an exclusive clientele to serve, Koenigsegg has cooked up the world’s first four seater mega car, soon to be the fastest four seater in the world!

All cars are meant to fulfill a purpose, some are bigger issues like the ability to carry seven people in comfort while some are smaller ones like making the fastest seven seater around the Nurburgring. The Koenigsegg Gemera is fulfilling a purpose that no one really asked to be fulfilled — it has more power than a Bugatti Chiron, more torque to play with than god himself and it will be able to carry your immediate family and their luggage too. The question is why, and why has nobody else done this before?

  • What. A. Stunner.

    What. A. Stunner.

  • Koenigsegg took the Gemera out on track recently

    Koenigsegg took the Gemera out on track recently

Let me answer the latter first. Technology. In order to make something as powerful as the Gemera you would probably need a 16-cylinder ICE engine, which takes up space. The Gemera however, uses only a three-cylinder engine and a combination of three electric motors, and a huge dollop of technology, to produce 1700bhp and 3500Nm of torque! The Gemera has a claimed top speed over 400kmph and a 0 to 100kmph time of under two seconds, yeah, it’s fast. The extensive use of technology and electric motors allows the powertrain to be compact, allowing space for four seats and luggage. Sure, this will not be a limousine by any means but the company claims the rear seats aren’t for novelty, they are genuinely usable by adults for long trips.

  • Space for your luggage and an engine

    Space for your luggage and an engine

  • Purposeful is an understatement

    Purposeful is an understatement

  • See? Four seats!

    See? Four seats!

Now the question is why? Well, think of the fastest four seat cars in the world, they all have one thing in common — they’re making some sort of compromise. Be it in terms of outright speed, or even just looks and appeal. The Gemera doesn’t look like a toned down, stretched out supercar, it looks like a proper hypercar. There has been no compromise in any way, shape or form. The Gemera can not only outrun most supercars from the lights, it also looks stunning while doing it. To put it simply, if someone wants the ultimate four-seater, there is simply no competition and that niche is exactly what Koenigsegg is counting upon. The company’s customers are some of the wealthiest people on the planet but until now, their ultimate road-trip car would not have been a Koenigsegg. With the Gemera, Koenigsegg can tap into the garages of people who want something fast that they can take to the grocery store just as easily as they can take it to the track. So maybe the real question is, why not?

The Gemera is definitely unique, and expensive. However, if someone has deep pockets and a need to ferry around loved ones in speed and style, the Gemera is the ultimate option.

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