2023 Lamborghini Urus S launched in India at Rs 4.18 crore

The Lamborghini Urus S is a cushier take on the hardcore Urus Performante
What a looker!
What a looker!Lamborghini group

Lamborghini has finally brought the Urus S to our shores. The Urus S replaces the standard Urus which was a huge success in our market. While it has a similar engine output of 657bhp and 850Nm, this is a tamer sibling of the Urus Performante. It focuses more on luxury and comfort. Launched at a price tag of Rs 4.18 crore (ex-showroom), it is also more affordable than the Performante, but only slightly.

Lamborghini Urus S exterior

Lamborghini has given the Urus S subtle cosmetic changes to distinguish it from the outgoing model. It gets refreshed front and rear bumpers, in a similar fashion to the Performante, and a front stainless steel skid plate as well. The carbonfibre hood with the air vents has also been borrowed from the Performante and you also get a carbonfibre roof, as an option. The Urus S also boasts new designs for the optional 22- and 23-inch alloy wheels.

Striking from every angle
Striking from every angleLamborghini group

Lamborghini Urus S interior

Marketed as a luxury-oriented model in the Urus lineup, the Urus S gets a wide list of options to supplement that. You get Lambo’s Ad Personam personalisation options where you can choose through various trim levels and colour options including even the kind of stitching you want on the leather and alcantara upholstery. The Urus S boasts a dual-screen digital real estate, on the inside, including a 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen and an 8.6-inch instrument cluster, which changes its face with every other driving mode. You also get no less than 21 speakers with a total output of 1700W.

Lamborghini Urus S gets seven driving modes
Lamborghini Urus S gets seven driving modesLamborghini group

Lamborghini Urus S drivetrain

Powering the Urus S is the same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine which produces 657bhp and 580Nm of peak torque. This engine is mated to an 8-speed auto ‘box which sends power to all four wheels.

The Urus S gets features like dynamic torque distribution and active rear torque vectoring as standard. It also gets Level-3 autonomous driving capability and a four-wheel steering system. The Urus S does the 0 to 100kmph run in just 3.5 seconds, which is 0.2 seconds slower than its track focussed sibling as it is 47kg heavier, and has a top whack of 305kmph.

Lamborghini Urus S chassis

The Urus S ditches the Performante’s fixed coil spring setup to make way for an adaptive air suspension like the previous-gen Urus. It gets huge 440mm carbon-ceramic disc brakes up front and 370mm at the rear which help it to stop from 100kmph to 0 in 33.7m. The brand has again given six different driving modes that include 3 off-road modes including sand, snow and dirt, plus an ‘Ego’ mode where you can customise the vehicle dynamics as you like.

New wheel arches and rims
New wheel arches and rimsLamborghini group

Lamborghini Urus S rivals

The super SUV market is hot right now and the Urus S comes in with very strong opposition.  The likes of the Audi Q8 and Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo starting from Rs 1.07 crore and Rs 1.27 crore respectively come at a bargain compared to the Urus S with a price tag of Rs 4.18 crore (ex-showroom). Aston’s DBX starts at Rs 3.82 crore and the Bentayga at a staggering Rs 4.10 crore. The Performante for reference comes in at Rs 4.22 crore. All-in-all these are massive SUVs that grab attention wherever they go, they also offer somewhat similar performance and the final decision comes down to you and what car you like more.

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