The Marque One Race track will be the fourth racing circuit in South India
The Marque One Race track will be the fourth racing circuit in South IndiaDriven International

India’s longest racetrack set to come up in Andhra Pradesh

The proposed 5.5km long circuit will be the second one in the vicinity, after the Pista Motor Raceway that is set to open its doors sometime in mid 2023

Motorsport, as well as the entire track day lifestyle is set to get a big boost with the plans for the sixth (!) major racetrack set to become a reality. The Marque One Racetrack, part of the ambitious Amaravati Race Resort concept plan, had initially been unveiled back in 2018. At the time, Anush Chakravarthi and Shana Parameshwar, directors, Marque One Motor Club, had said the 3.4km track will be built up to FIA Grade 3 specifications on a 219-acre area located in Kotapalli village, Ananthapuram district (Andhra Pradesh), and will also include a service apartment complex, golf course, sports complex and automotive-themed amusement park along with a 12-garage pit lane, race control and 200-car storage area.

However, as per the latest plans, not only has the track length been increased to 5.5km (or about 350m longer than even the 5.1km Buddh International Circuit), but also that it will now be built up to FIA Grade 2 specs (similar to the Madras Motor Race Track). Marque One Motor Club is also aiming for a Grade B license from the FIM, covering all possible bases to make the venue fit for motorcycle racing as well. Further, Marque One Motor Club has the option of upgrading to FIA Grade 1, if needed, in the future.

More about the Marque One Racetrack

Designed by Driven International – the same brand that did the recent track layout changes at the Kari Motor Speedway as well as are overseeing the upcoming Nanoli Speedway – the Marque One Racetrack will boast the longest straight on an Indian circuit, at 1.1km, an increase from the earlier 800m figure, and marginally longer than the BIC’s 1.06km back straight. Further, the counter-clockwise format circuit will include 18 corners, and boast elevation changes of up to 40 metres (up from the previous estimate of 25 metres). Besides, there are also plans to build a drag strip and an off-road track, along with a skid pad and wet surface testing track for use by automotive manufacturers.

When initial plans for the track were unveiled in 2018, the time frame given was about 7 years, which meant the track was supposed to go operational around 2025. However, the recent additions may push that date even further. All things considered, a slightly longer gestation period is a small price to pay considering the reward: a race venue comprising an international-spec racetrack as well as purpose-built facilities to accommodate both the racers/staff as well their vehicles; basically everything needed to successfully conduct a competition.

So bring it on, we say!

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