Maruti Suzuki launches S-Assist, an AI-based virtual car assistant

Maruti Suzuki has launched an AI-based virtual assistant S-Assist to offer digital solutions to Nexa customers
Maruti Suzuki's S-Assist is an exclusive feature for the Nexa series
Maruti Suzuki's S-Assist is an exclusive feature for the Nexa seriesMaruti Suzuki Baleno

With the advent of AI-based technology in the automobile industry, automakers have been focusing on incorporating the same in their newer offerings. Following the same trend, Maruti Suzuki has launched an industry-first 24/7 virtual car assistant called S-Assist for Nexa owners that offers digital solutions to customers based on Artificial Intelligence.

Maruti Suzuki’ S-Assist is an AI-based digital assistant offering services and solutions to simple problems its customers might face with its cars. As a new feature on the Maruti Suzuki Rewards app, it offers scan and voice-enabled features for multiple things. The app allows the Nexa customers to watch video tutorials of DIY videos, digital literature and workshop assistance. The app also gives the customers access to the database of over 4120 Maruti Suzuki workshops across India which would be useful emergency assistance. If that wasn’t enough the app has a picture search option which the customer can use to identify and get information on various vehicle parts and also a digital copy of the vehicle owners manual.

Partho Banerjee, Senior Executive Director, Service, Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “Digitization of car service experience and bringing ease to customer car ownership is our motto. We are proud to announce the launch of India’s first voice-enabled virtual car assistant, S-Assist, to strengthen the digital experience of our customers. S-Assist is a complimentary service which offers quick access to vehicle features, troubleshooting and driving tips on customers’ smartphone. It brings real-time information to customers for their vehicle-related queries.”

S-Assist is launched under the innovation program by Maruti Suzuki called MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab). The incorporation of digital solutions via a smartphone app has been offered by multiple car manufacturers and Maruti Suzuki itself via the Maruti Suzuki Rewards app. S-Assist will just be an upgrade to the already existing app exclusively for Nexa owners and can be used on the Maruti Suzuki Rewards app itself.

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