Mercedes-Benz will launch the G350d in India on October 16

Following the success of the G63 AMG, Mercedes has decided to launch it’s more affordable sibling, the G350d in India
Mercedes-Benz will launch the G350d in India on October 16

The G63 AMG is one of the company’s most successful AMG models in India. That is due to the fact that it is robust, big, very fast and most importantly it is an icon. But the G63, with its astronomical presence, also has astronomical pricing. In a bid to make access to the legendary G-Wagen more democratic, Mercedes-Benz will be bringing the G350d to India, with the launch slated for October 16.


The G350d is a proper workhorse, it gets 3-litre diesel making a healthy 245bhp and 600Nm of torque, propelling the luxurious box to 100kmph in under nine seconds and with 2300kg to carry, that’s no small feat. The car will come mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission ensuring you’re always in the meaty torque band. Oh and since its a diesel the G350d won't rack up as heavy a fuel bill as the G63 either.


This is what counts in the G, the looks. The G-Wagen recently got a full update that took away some of the straight lines for slightly curved ones along with updated lights and better construction overall. Who are we kidding though, the new G-Class looks as much of a G as the original one did. It’s big, it’s boxy and it’s imposing. The G350d gets LED headlights, LED tail lights and new bumpers all around. This 350d doesn't get the Panamericana grille or the overly agressive bumpers that the G63 does -- it doesn't have the bling, but keeps the presence. It will also have ultra-satisfying clicky door handles and the solid thud the G-Class is famous for.


The inside of the G350d will be similar to the G63 with the exception of the AMG sports steering wheel and sporty seats. The seats are more comfortable and luxurious on the G350d, and that is probably a good thing? Its the same tech fest as the G63 on the inside with two large displays on the dashboard -- one acts as the infotainment display with Mercedes’ brilliant MBUX platform and the other is a digital information cluster offering plenty of customisation, making the package one of the best in the industry. The space on offer inside is fantastic: there’s enough headroom and legroom to put Bigfoot at ease and enough space in the boot to help him shift houses.

Can it go off-road?

Yes. The G350d is still a G-Class making it one of the most capable SUVs to tread off the beaten path. It gets three individually locking differentials to get you out of the trickiest of situations, and a break-over and departure angle that is the best in the G Wagen’s history. All-wheel drive is obviously standard, and there are plenty of electronics to aid you in tricky situations as well. So, yes it can definitely go off-road, very far off-road. The G350d is expected to be priced at Rs 85 lakh, which is significantly lower than it’s fire-breathing sibling, the G63 that costs north of Rs 2 crores.

The G350d will rival other hardcore off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler, and the recently unveiled Land Rover Defender that will make its way to India soon.

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