Motorsport added to list of sports for recruitment in government jobs

The move comes post a proposal from the Department of Sports for inclusion of more sports for recruitment of sportspersons in the Group C category
The future looks brighter for Indian motorsport enthusiasts
The future looks brighter for Indian motorsport enthusiastsFMSCI

The first two days of September have come as a blessing for motorsport enthusiasts. Yesterday we broke the news of upgrades to the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore, and today we have received news of the Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India adding motorsport to the list of sport disciplines for the recruitment of sportspersons to Group C posts in the various Ministries/Departments of the Government of India. The addition of motorsport, along with 19 other sports disciplines (including various indigenous and traditional games) has raised the total number of eligible sports to 63.

So what does it mean?

With Gaurav Gill being conferred the Arjuna Award last year, as well as the greater involvement of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs in the motorsport field, the time was ripe for motorsport being recognised as a bona fide category for inclusion into the mainstream. However, there are still quite a few hurdles to cross. Currently, the rules for recruitment of sportspersons into government services requires said candidate to have:

1. Represented India in an international championship (like the Olympics or similar world championship).

2. Obtained at least third place representing his/her state in a Junior/Senior National Championship.

3. Obtained at least second place representing his/her university in an All India Inter-University Championship, organised under the aegis of Association of Indian Universities.

4. Won first place for his/her state or equivalent unit in a Federation Cup Championship.

Now, though there are precious few Indian motorsport athletes in the premier-class international championships, a significant number of youngsters making their way up the ranks today possess the calibre to make a mark in the future. Next, though Indian motorsport is currently suffering a slump (due to the Covid-19 shutdowns), a large number of players within the industry have already emphasised upon grassroots-level competition to groom the next generation of motorsport athletes. This, again, may lead to a greater recognition from the masses for the country’s motorsport scene, directly getting more and more youngsters included.

What to expect

Being that this move comes into force just today, the finer details with regards to the involvement and actions expected by the motorsport authorities, and indeed the fraternity at large, still need to decided.

Speaking on the topic, Rajan Syal, CEO, FMSCI, said “It’s great that motorsport has been included, and is now getting recognised after Gaurav Gill’s Arjuna Award last year. I’m sure it [the inclusion of motorsports] will be a big help for youngsters looking for a permanent career. It really opens a lot of connections and possibilities, especially for the youngsters in the days to come.”

“Many people play a sport in their college days, but have to give it up after they graduate as they need to get a stable job. So, this decision will be a big help to all of them. Additionally, motorsport thus far has been more of a hobby, and the prospect of it now translating into a full-time career is very good news indeed.”

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