New car strategy, new look badge from Volkswagen at 2020 Auto Expo

New car strategy, new look badge from Volkswagen at 2020 Auto Expo

Official word from the brand says that besides giving some details about its product plans, it will also showcase the new brand logo and imagery

Sudipto Chaudhury

The Volkswagen group in India has been going through quite a bit of corporate reshuffling, as well as rebranding, with yet more to come. Recently the brand has made yet another big announcement, with regards to the 2020 Auto expo, where it will announce not just its products strategy (which the brand is ostensibly calling an ‘SUV offensive’), but changes to the brand’s logo design itself, all of which comes under the brand's modern “New Volkswagen” motto.

Though we have some idea about the SUVs earmarked for the Indian market, we don't know how many of them will be displayed during the Auto Expo. But what we do know at the moment is that the brand's easily recognisable 'VW' symbol and trademark will be reduced to only its essential elements, with the new design slated to be flat and two-dimensional.

Volkswagen says the brand’s objective behind this move is to create a new visual language, that will be more modern, clearer and simple, which the brand will then apply to all new brand signals like pictograms, typography, colours and layouts.

And in another first from the brand, it will now have a female voice in the sound logo, replacing the former brand claim.

Speaking on the developments, Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen India said, “The new design starts a new era for Volkswagen. Globally, the brand has committed itself to be carbon neutral by 2050, and over the last four years, the brand has bold decisions in almost all areas of activity. Now is the right time to make the new attitude of our brand visible to the outside world.”

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