Okinawa and Tacita have planned one electric scooter and one electric motorcycle set to arrive in 2023
Okinawa and Tacita have planned one electric scooter and one electric motorcycle set to arrive in 2023Okinawa / Tacita

Okinawa Autotech and Tacita enter partnership to form a new company

The first product from this partnership is set to arrive in 2023, with Okinawa responsible for local assembly

Indian and Italian forces coming together! Okinawa Autotech and Italy-based Tacita have announced a partnership, forming a new company which will produce a range of electric two-wheelers This includes scooters, and high-performance motorcycles, which will be produced locally.

Okinawa and Tacita have announced one electric scooter and one high-end performance motorcycle which are set to arrive in 2023. These products will be designed at Tacita’s headquarters in Italy. Okinawa is taking up responsibility for local production and will provide the assembly line, along with the development of components. The design and research will be carried out in Tacita’s Italy headquarters with the help of Okinawa’s technical experts in the coming few months, followed by development and patenting, and ultimately on-road tests in the first-half of 2023. Testing will take place in a wide range of conditions across both India and Italy. In fact, there are plans to host a ride from Okinawa’s headquarters in India to Tacita’s Italy headquarters.

Jeetender Sharma, MD & Founder, Okinawa Autotech, commented, “Tacita’s mission is aligned with ours towards creating a sustainable future. We envisage the collaboration to create a synergy effect that will accelerate our commitment to electric mobility. There is a steady and conscious shift in consumer preferences and we have witnessed a growing demand for premium and performance electric motorcycles in India. Tacita will help us in creating a marketplace that matches the demand for futuristic technology and products. Their advanced & futuristic technology will also further broaden and strengthen our existing product range.”

Pierpaolo Rigo, Managing Director, Tacita, mentioned, “We are delighted to partner with a leading e-scooter manufacturer in India. The leadership team of Okinawa Autotech has a rich on-ground experience and knowledge about the market, competition, and customer behaviour. We are happy to provide our expertise in the premium EV bike segment to launch a top-end line of bikes. Our team along with Okinawa Engineers is dedicated to R&D to introduce unique product propositions that define the future.”

With the help of Tacita’s expertise, Okinawa is sure to progress to the next level, and we can hope to see high-quality products enter the market in the future.

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