Ola electric scooter gets 100,000 reservations in a day
Ola electric scooter becomes a record-breaking scooter after getting 100,000 reservations in a dayOla

Ola electric scooter gets 100,000 reservations in a day

Ola electric scooter has received 100,000 reservations in just one day of opening for pre-bookings

In addition to the rising number of electric scooters, the Ola electric scooter made a debut recently and opened its reservations on July 15 for a mere amount of Rs 499. The scooter has received 100,000 reservations in just 24 hours, making it the most pre-booked scooter in the world!

A reason for the unprecedented demand for the Ola scooter, other than the obvious popularity of EVs and the rising fuel prices, could be the relatively affordable amount of Rs 499 required to reserve the scooter. In comparison, most vehicles demand between (at least) Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for a booking or pre-booking.

As the specs and the name of this scooter are yet to be announced, Ola has pulled off a great move to generate some hype for its upcoming electric two-wheeler. Ola has also announced details about the Ola hypercharger network being laid down throughout the country, which can charge the scooter to 50 per cent in just 18 minutes. Perhaps an easier figure to wrap your head around is that with just 18 minutes of fast charging, it will be good for 75 km of range.

Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and Group CEO, Ola says, “I am thrilled by the tremendous response from customers across India for our first electric vehicle. The unprecedented demand is a clear indicator of shifting consumer preferences to EVs. This is a huge step forward in our mission to transition the world to sustainable mobility. I thank all the consumers who have booked the Ola Scooter and have joined the EV revolution. This is only the beginning!”

The Ola Futurefactory in Tamil Nadu, where these e-scooters will be built, is nearing the completion of its first phase and will be operational soon. The Futurefactory is claimed to be the world's largest and most sustainable two-wheeler factory and is said to be producing 10 million vehicles per annum from next year.

To know more about the reservations on the Ola scooter, click here.

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