Porsche Cayenne will feature new headlights
Porsche Cayenne will feature new headlightsPorsche group

New 2023 Porsche Cayenne teased ahead of April 18 reveal

Before it’s revealed in full next week, Porsche has given us a first glimpse at the Cayenne’s new design and interior

The facelifted Porsche Cayenne is just around the corner, and while we’ll have to wait until its April 18 debut for the full details, this official teaser offers a first glimpse at the new SUV. Set for a reveal at the Auto Shanghai exhibition in China, the model will feature a heavily revised exterior with clear inspiration from the Taycan EV, which also extends to its redesigned cabin. 

If this latest image is anything to go by, the styling changes will be fairly substantial. The updated Cayenne will feature new headlights that echo those of the Taycan, with Porsche's signature four-element light design. The front bumper has been remodelled to integrate the new headlight units, with further tweaks to the lower grilles and LED light strips.

Technology from the Taycan will trickle into the revised Cayenne's interior, which will debut the firm's ‘Porsche Driver Experience’ cockpit design. Centred around a revised cabin architecture with improved functionality and new tech, the Cayenne features a free-standing 12.6-inch curved digital dashboard, a 911-derived multifunction steering wheel, an optional passenger display and numerous physical cabin controls.

The new cabin is designed to be more driver focused than before, with the drive mode selector, display mode switches and driver assist controls integrated into the wheel. In typical Porsche fashion, the engine start/stop button is situated to the left of the wheel, however the gear selector is now mounted to the right, allowing for more room on the centre console for a dedicated climate control panel – though this does include a touch screen, there are tactile controls for the air conditioning and media systems.

New to the 2023 Cayenne is a third optional passenger display
New to the 2023 Cayenne is a third optional passenger displayPorsche group

A second high-resolution 12.3-inch display can be found in the centre of the dashboard, but new to the 2023 Cayenne is a third optional passenger display. This allows passengers to access media and navigation functions, and it can also stream video content thanks to a two-way filter which prevents the driver from watching content on the move.

Also new to the Cayenne is a GPS-controlled recirculation system, capable of activating air recirculation when the car is about to enter a tunnel containing polluted air – as an option, a fine dust sensor can also be equipped to continuously monitor cabin air quality and filter smaller particles and allergens. The Siri voice assistant can now operate vehicle functions, too, with high-speed USB-C charging, integrated Spotify and Apple Music and a cooled 15W wireless phone charging compartment included as standard.

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