Shahid Kapoor with Shell country head, Ms. Debanjali Sengupta and Mr Amit Ghugre, CMO
Shahid Kapoor with Shell country head, Ms. Debanjali Sengupta and Mr Amit Ghugre, CMOShell Advance

Shahid Kapoor is Shell Lubricants’ new brand ambassador

The event also flagged off the "Rukna Mushkil Hai" advertising campaign

Shell Lubricants has announced the appointment of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor as their new brand ambassador for the Indian market. To broaden their customer base, Shell has strategically tapped into Kapoor's pan-India popularity, especially among bikers.

The event unveiling this collaboration opened with an impressive ensemble of superbikes and commuter bikes showcasing Shell’s comprehensive portfolio serving everyone from a scooter owner to someone owning a superbike. The event also played host to a remarkable display of high-performance bikes, and riding gear, emphasising the importance of safety while indulging in the thrill of riding. The event served as a celebration for inspiring people from different walks of life with a common love for riding and also of the rider community as a whole, where motorcycles transcend mere transportation devices, becoming trusted allies in personal growth journeys.

The event started out with a bike ride consisting of superbikes as well as commuter bikes
The event started out with a bike ride consisting of superbikes as well as commuter bikesevo India

The highlight of the event was the presence of Shahid Kapoor himself, accompanied by the Shell team. In a powerful gesture, they underscored the significance of safety measures and using proper riding gear. Kapoor, a self-professed biking enthusiast, passionately conveyed the message of responsible biking, emphasising the role of Shell Lubricants in enabling and empowering riders to pursue their dreams. 

Coinciding with this occasion, Shell Lubricants unveiled their latest campaign, 'Rukna Mushkil Hai,' designed exclusively for their Shell Advance range of motorcycle oils. This campaign embodies the indomitable spirit of New India and the unstoppable Indian riders who are fueled by passion, determination, hope, and vision. With a primary focus on everyday Indian riders, the campaign pays homage to the rider community. The event also hosted a performance by Gaurav Mankoti, renowned as VOID from the popular reality show MTV Hustle. He also composed a track featuring Shahid Kapoor for a television advertisement.

Shahid Kapoor called it an exciting campaign and said, "‘Rukna Mushkil Hai’ showcases how Shell Advance transforms into a catalyst that enables and empowers riders to achieve their goals. I am proud to partner with Shell Lubricants India to bring the brand closer to Indian bikers, to be a part of their unstoppable journey and make a difference.”

Amit Ghugre, the Automotive Sales and Marketing Manager at Shell Lubricants India, expressed his excitement about this collaboration and the campaign. He remarked, "At Shell, we constantly strive for progress. This collaboration strengthens our goal to support the hardworking spirit of bikers and power their progress. Shahid is an obvious choice as he has the right appeal and passion for bikes that has endeared him to millions of Indians, as a beloved youth icon. We are truly delighted to have Shahid on board as the Brand Ambassador for Rukna Mushkil Hai." Mr Ghugre added that Indians today are no longer afraid of challenges and this is why Shell has started the campaign, to support them in their passion for biking.

Shahid Kapoor with the Shell inspirers
Shahid Kapoor with the Shell inspirersevo India

When asked what the 'Rukna Mushkil Hai' campaign means for the brand, CMO Amit Ghugre said, "The youth today, that's exactly how they will describe themselves, as Rukna Mushkil Hai, because there is so much of optimism, so much of energy. People are aware of challenges, but they are no longer afraid of them. They want to face them. They believe that they have the confidence and the power and they are looking for the right partnerships and associations to help them get there. And that is exactly what I think is the whole Shell concept of empowering progress together. That is what we stand for as Shell Global and we believe that we have an active goal to play in that. Talking about biking, if you go back to our product portfolio, the range, the technology behind it and the success of being the number one lubricant globally for 16 years in a row, we believe that it is happening because we have got a strong consumer understanding as well as a strong portfolio to support it. I think with that we can help the consumers achieve their dreams and their passion by providing the products which resonate with them. If they are looking for ultimate performance, we have a different range. If they are looking for fuel efficiency, we have Advance Fuel Save. For a value-for-money product, we have something else. So, we have created a portfolio of products that every biker will relate to." Mr Ghugre also informed us that going further more campaigns involving everyday Shell consumers and social media influencers will be organised to bring out their own stories of ‘Rukna Mushil Hai’ in the pursuit of glory.

With this alliance between Shell Lubricants and Shahid Kapoor, bolstered by the launch of the 'Rukna Mushkil Hai' campaign, the brand is focusing again on its various product offerings. And coupled with the association with the actor, this campaign guarantees a wider reach for the brand and a connection with biking enthusiasts nationwide.

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