Skoda refreshes entire dealer and service network

Skoda refreshes entire dealer and service network

As part of its ‘India 2.0’ plan Skoda has refreshed its sales and service touch-points across India

In a move to improve their brand identity, Skoda has refreshed its entire network of 63 sales and 61 service touch points across the country. The refresh prioritises functionality, clear orientation and transparency. The company, along with dealers, have invested Rs 120 Crores making it the biggest re-branding campaign in Skoda’s history in India. The exteriors have been redesigned with hues that are pleasant and inviting both in daylight and at night with a modern lighting concept. On the inside, the facilities have clean and simple shapes all around. The interiors will be clean and well laid out with proper signage while also utilising high quality materials to enhance the customer experience. They have focused on providing quick service, direct access and direct communication.

In terms of technology the company will utilise tablets with software in it to provide an easy platform for sales staff to explain features of the car with videos as well as the ability for the customer to customise and spec up their car as they desire. The ‘India 2.0’ project is a part of Volkswagen and Skoda’s new approach towards India. They will be focusing on localising development in the country and releasing models specifically tailored for our country. The project has got a 1 billion Euro investment from the Volkswagen Group, one of the biggest investments the Indian automotive sector has ever seen. The refreshed Skoda dealer and service network is part of this plan and aims to change the brand’s identity starting with where the customers connect to the brand, at showrooms and service touch-points.

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