Skoda to launch Kodiaq Scout in India on September 30

Skoda to launch Kodiaq Scout in India on September 30

Skoda is going to launch a beefier off-road biased version of their premium SUV named the Kodiaq Scout at the end of this month

By Karan Singh, Correspondent, evo India

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If you’ve been scouting for a big premium seven-seater SUV that can also go off-road, look no further. Like the L&K trims are the most luxuriously kitted out Skoda variants, the Scout variants are slightly beefier, more off-road friendly versions of their cars. We have never gotten a Scout variant in India before, until now. The Kodiaq Scout is set to launch on September 30, adding one more variant to the Skoda Kodiaq portfolio. The Scout gets a few exterior design tweaks, a different interior trim and a few electronic aids to make it more effective off-road.


Skoda to launch Kodiaq Scout in India on September 30

The exterior sees the biggest changes on the Kodiaq Scout. There is a redesigned front bumper with a silver piece of cladding at the bottom serving as the differentiating factor between the Style and the Scout. There are silver finished side-view mirrors and a silver insert around the grille (chrome on the L&K). The changes are not all cosmetic though, the Scout gets the ‘Rough Road package’ which protects the engine and chassis from damage when going off-road.There is ‘Scout’ badging on the front fenders, while the rear also gets silver cladding along the bottom.


Skoda to launch Kodiaq Scout in India on September 30

The Scout is gets all-black interiors along with wood inlays in the dash and the doors, to tie in its nature-exploring capabilities. If that isn't enough to remind you that you're in the Scout, it gets a subtle badge on the dash as well. There is a splash of Alcantara around the cabin, while the rest of the interior stays almost the same. The same 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display which now also gets off-road specific dials to show the compass, altitude and pitch of the car. It gets all the creature comforts we’ve come to know and love from the Kodiaq.


The Scout will come with the same 2.0 TDI all-wheel drive configuration as the outgoing car, making 148bhp and 340Nm of torque, paired with the brilliant DSG transmission. What’s different though is that the Scout gets an off-road button that will optimise gearing and throttle response to suit the conditions while also using the Auto Hold function to get you out of tricky situations. Additionally, it gets Hill Descent Assist and will apply the brakes gently while descending down a steep slope to keep you in control of the car.

The Kodiaq Scout is set to be launched on September 30 and will be priced around 1 lakh cheaper than the L&K variant.

Skoda to launch Kodiaq Scout in India on September 30

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