Participants from all walks of life competed to show their talent
Participants from all walks of life competed to show their talentRPPL

RPPL Karting SuperSeries concludes its search for the nation's next racing star

After the success of the Indian Racing League, RPPL introduced the Karting SuperSeries promising to expand the horizon of motor racing in India

A fully paid scholarship to compete in the National Karting Championship is a dream a lot of motorsport enthusiasts have had. And this is what RPPL wanted to do with the Karting SuperSeries, to give India's young talent the support and training it takes to take on the big leagues. The series, which showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition on the karting track, has crowned its deserving champion, marking the end of an incredible journey in the quest for India's brightest racing prospect. We had the opportunity to witness the grand finale of this series in Hyderabad.

The brainchild of renowned racing stars Armaan Ebrahim, Aditya Patel and entrepreneur Abhinandan Balasubramanian, the league is currently headed by Akhil Reddy and promises to bring out the hidden talent in motorsports. This was the first instalment of this series and races took place in six cities all over the country, starting from Chennai on April 29 and then going to Bangalore, Thrissur, Mumbai, Delhi and then finally culminating in Hyderabad, which hosted the finale at the Chicane Circuit.

RPPL Chairman and MD Akhil Reddy with co-founder Armaan Ebrahim
RPPL Chairman and MD Akhil Reddy with co-founder Armaan EbrahimRPPL

The prize was nothing ordinary, as the top five drivers were awarded scholarships to this year’s Meco FMSCI NKC Rotax Max karting championship. Over 300 participants aged 14 and above applied in each of the cities. Using karts with a Honda 4-stroke engine producing close to 7bhp, the young racers competed in a series of eliminator rounds. The top six drivers were then selected to compete in the finale which witnessed 36 of India’s top young drivers as they fought for the top spot. Some pretty overtakes and close fights showcased India’s budding talent in motorsports and the need for series’ like these to support them. One condition that RPPL had was that the competitors needed to be between the ages of 14 and 21 to qualify for the scholarships. Ultimately, Delhi’s Rachit Singhal took the top spot but didn’t qualify for the scholarship because he was over the age of 21. It was rather Mumbai’s Ojas Surve who was awarded a 100 per cent paid scholarship while the runners-up Rishi Parekh, Romir Arya, Abhinav Damarla, and Laksh Bafna received partially-paid scholarships.

The winners clearly excited for the future
The winners clearly excited for the futureRPPL

Speaking after the successful completion, Mr Akhil Reddy, Chairman and MD said, “We are immensely proud of the Karting SuperSeries and its significance as a crucial platform for young racing talents to showcase their skills and kick start their career in motorsports. RPPL is committed to nurturing the next generation of racing stars in India, and Mr Rachit Singhal’s victory is a testament to the potential and talent that exists in our country.” Also present at the ceremony, RPPL co-founder Armaan Ebrahim expressed pride in the series saying, “The Karting SuperSeries has been an incredible journey, offering young drivers an invaluable chance to showcase their skills and make a mark in the world of motorsports. At RPPL, we are passionate about nurturing racing talent and providing a platform for them to grow. The company remains dedicated to fostering the growth and development of motorsports in India, empowering young talents to pursue their dreams and shine on the global racing stage.”

What sets the RPPL Karting SuperSeries apart is its commitment to inclusivity and nurturing talent from all walks of life. A distinguishing factor is that none of the participants held a competition licence before entering the series, creating an equal opportunity for individuals from every corner of the country. Co-founder Armaan Ebrahim said that the aim was to take racing to the grassroots level and inclusion for everybody irrespective of where they come from. RPPL further added that the series will come back next year and even more cities will be included as the series grows.

A moment of respect
A moment of respectRPPL

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