Volkswagen ID.5 is a coupe-SUV and it gets a performance-focused ID.5 GTX variant
Volkswagen ID.5 is a coupe-SUV and it gets a performance-focused ID.5 GTX variantVolkswagen

Volkswagen ID.5 electric coupe-SUV unveiled

The Volkswagen ID.5 is a sportier looking version of the ID.4 mid-size SUV and it gets a performance-focused GTX variant as well

Adding on to its electric ID family, Volkswagen has unveiled a new EV, but this time around it is a Coupe-SUV — the ID.5 along with the performance-focused ID.5 GTX variant. Other than the styling change at the rear, some technological upgrades and a few tidbits here and there, the car remains largely the same as the ID.4 compact-SUV.

Just like the ID.3 hatchback and ID.4 compact-SUV, the Volkswagen ID.5 is based on the highly modular MEB electric platform, which makes possible more space on the inside.

On the drivetrain aspect, the ID.5 gets a 77kWh battery pack, although the motor specs and power output haven’t been disclosed yet. We do know that the standard ID.5 will get a single motor RWD setup. Just like the ID.4, the ID.5 standard could produce 210bhp and 310Nm of torque, and get a range of 520km.

In an unveil video, it was revealed that the ID.5 GTX gets a dual-motor AWD setup that produces 294bhp and gets a range of 500km, which is more or less the same as the ID.4 GTX.

The ID.5 is compatible with a 135kw fast charging now, which is 10kw more than the ID.4, and can be charged to 80 per cent in 30 minutes. What is more fascinating though is the Bi-directional charging feature which was mentioned in the reveal video. The Bi-directional charging will basically enable you to charge other appliances with the car’s battery.

Another significant upgrade on the Volkswagen ID.5 has to be the ID. software version 3.0, which brings about a lot of improvements in technology and updates the digital features in comparison to its predecessor. With ID 3.0, the EV Coupe-SUV gets a better charging performance, voice control functionalities and gets over-the-air updates. In addition to that the ID.5 gets an autonomous parking feature, and also a lane shift assist feature.

The ID.4 is set to make its way into the country next year as a CBU, however, there is no information on whether the ID.5 and the GTX will be launched in India. And even if they do, we reckon it won’t be anytime soon. Volkswagen says that the ID.5 will be launched in some markets early next year. Currently, in the bigger electric car segment in India, the competition is slowly increasing with Audi and Jaguar already knee-deep in the EV market with Audi e-tron, e-tron Sportback and now the e-tron GT along with the Jaguar I-Pace and Porsche soon launching the Taycan.

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