The ViaTerra B100 top and bottom layers
The ViaTerra B100 top and bottom layersViaTerra

Tried and Tested: ViaTerra B100 Fleece Base Layer

The ViaTerra B100 fleece base layer and balaclava put through their paces

Riding in cold temperatures might be one of the biggest motorcycling hurdles. As the speedometer climbs, so does the biting cold, turning a pleasant ride to a chilly one. So, if the ambient temperatures is cold already, it’s going to get even worse. Riding or not, layering clothes is the best way to protect against cold temperatures. On motorcycles, you should start with the winter base liners, a set of which Viaterra sent us a pair to test.

Called the B100 Fleece Base Layers, these are individual pieces of clothing that should ideally be used as a set – balaclava, neck warmer (which I feel is very crucial since the neck is the most exposed part of the body in riding gear), a top, and the bottom. These liners can be either worn standalone or layered up with other liners, depending on the temperature you are riding in. Let me also warn you — wearing these liners in cities like Mumbai, where winters don’t get as cold, would be like having your own mobile sauna. Though these are moisture-wicking, it’s mostly to absorb light sweat. 

Most of us ride to work even in winters and a commute was the best way for me to test it out. Early mornings in Pune are about 13-15 degrees, and up until this point, I have only worn normal base layers under my summer gear and braved the morning chill. The fleece liners unlocked the winter riding comfort for me. On the flipside, in evenings when it gets comfortably warm, riding back home in stop-go traffic meant I had no wind moving through my gear. That is when I felt a slight discomfort but nothing that had me profusely sweating.

Since these liners are made of fleece, they are considerably thicker than usual baseliners. So if you are used to buying slightly loose liners, I would recommend getting a size that hugs your body, and if your riding gear has girth adjustments, loosen them by a size or two to accommodate the liners.The Viaterra Fleece Base Liners are perfect, especially if you are planning a ride up to the snowclad mountains, or if you stay in cities where temperatures get close to single digits. These can also double up as thermal liners even when you are not out on a ride. These get a definite thumbs up from me. The top and bottom each cost Rs 999, and balaclava comes in at Rs 399.

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