Above & beyond: The CEAT Milaze X5

Ceat Milaze X5 offers a tyre life of a 100,000 kilometres*. We delve into the technicalities to understand how this is possible
The Milaze X5 is an upgrade to the popular Milaze X3!
The Milaze X5 is an upgrade to the popular Milaze X3!Shot by Rohit G Mane for evo India

In the realm of automotive essentials, few components are as critical as tyres. They dictate not only the performance but also the safety and efficiency of a vehicle. Recognising this, CEAT has continually pushed the boundaries of tyre technology, and their latest offering, the Milaze X5, stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Imagine a tyre that not only endures the rigours of Indian roads but does so longer than most. Enter the Ceat Milaze X5, a game-changer in the world of tyre longevity. The average lifespan of a tyre that you might be using would be around 50,000 to 70,000 kilometres, but the Milaze X5 redefines expectations by boasting a 1 lakh kilometre* lifespan, better fuel efficiency, and rolling resistance. It also comes packed with a whole lot of new technology.

The Milaze X3 that preceded it also made such a claim, so what sets the Milaze X5 apart? Firstly, the big change from the Milaze X3 to the X5 is the tyre cavity shape. This new cavity allows you to get both life and fuel efficiency out of the tyre. The cavity shape determines the tread width and contact patch, which is crucial for better fuel efficiency. Secondly, the cavity also determines the non-skid depth, which is the depth of the tyre tread and this determines the life of the tyre. Additionally, new compounds have been used across the tyre, which give it a longer life and lower rolling resistance.

The patented tyre alignment and life indicator in the form of five-star markings of varying depth.
The patented tyre alignment and life indicator in the form of five-star markings of varying depth.Shot by Rohit G Mane for evo India

The cap compound, which is in direct contact with the road surface, features a specially formulated carbon black compound. This compound not only enhances traction but also extends the tyre's lifespan. Moreover, the sidewalls of the Milaze X5 are made from a silica-based compound, which contributes to the tyre's remarkable rolling resistance. This unique combination of compounds allows the Milaze X5 to achieve a balance between fuel efficiency, traction, and a longer life simultaneously. The Milaze X5 also features a stiffer belt that helps with traction.

Another reason for the increased life of the Milaze X5 are its reinforced sidewalls. CEAT has added dual plies, to bolster the tyre's life, even in the face of India's notoriously unforgiving road conditions. Indian roads are unique and these tyres are made in India for Indian road conditions. Having stiffer sidewalls can have an impact on the comfort side of things, but it isn’t an adverse impact by any measure.

One of the most intriguing features of the Milaze X5 is its patented tyre alignment and life indicator. A key thing to know is that a good part of the tyre’s life can be lost due to wrong alignment and chances are that most of us do not notice the minor alignment issues that exist which are chewing up our tyres at a significant pace. Acknowledging the significant impact of alignment on tyre longevity, CEAT has integrated a sophisticated system into the Milaze X5. Five-star like symbols, varying in depth, serve as visual cues to track wear patterns and detect potential alignment issues. By comparing wear on both sides of the tyre, it is possible to track uneven wear and take corrective action. Unlike traditional indicators that degrade over time, this innovative system remains usable throughout the tyre's lifespan, providing invaluable insights into tyre health and alignment accuracy. So, let’s say you’ve had a misalignment at about the 80,000-kilometre mark, you will know. Safety, a cornerstone of CEAT's philosophy, is paramount in the design of the Milaze X5. By addressing alignment concerns and enhancing traction, CEAT not only extends tyre lifespan but also promotes safer motoring experiences for drivers across India.

The Ceat Milaze X5 offers better longevity, performance, fuel efficiency and safety.
The Ceat Milaze X5 offers better longevity, performance, fuel efficiency and safety.Shot by Rohit G Mane for evo India

The Ceat Milaze X5 leads a massive shift in tyre technology, offering unrivalled longevity, performance, fuel efficiency and safety. Its innovative design, coupled with advanced features such as the alignment and life indicator, sets a new standard for tyres in the Indian market. Whether navigating bustling city streets or traversing rugged terrain, the Milaze X5 promises to deliver a driving experience that exceeds expectations. The X5 is available in a host of tyre sizes ranging from 12-16-inch wheels, covering popular models on the Indian car market today.

As India's roads continue to evolve, CEAT remains at the forefront of tyre innovation, ensuring that motorists can rely on their products to endure the journey ahead. With the Milaze X5, CEAT reaffirms its commitment to redefining the boundaries of tyre performance, one kilometre at a time.

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